Monday, July 06, 2009

Sir Iron Will's Wisdom: Preventing Level Down.

Sir Iron Will's Wisdom is here to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about tanking, and probably some things you never wanted to know and now wish to blot out of your memory, whether you like it or not, Izman is here with the do's and don'ts of tanking, in general, solo or end game. Izman is doing some Campaign to get all that XP back that tanks lose, let's join him.

Hello my shield bashing minions! Today I wanted to talk about getting XP back on PLD at end game which of course means only a couple options for us. Campaign, Level Sync and of course, burn parties.

The most popular of these is campaign. This is a fast and easy way for PLDs to get that XP they have lost due to dying a honorable death in battle. No need to put your party flag up for this, just go change your sub to Dancer or my favorite Red Mage and let the XP roll in. Most PLDs will sub Dancer for this which is great but if you have never tried Red Mage sub prepare to have your mind blown. Phalanx will make most mobs hit you for 0 almost every time. It also makes NMs easier to tank, for the most part, like Shadow Hand who goes around pimp slapping everyone. With Phalanx even her weapon skills are to be laughed at. The best advantage of Red Mage sub is that you can use your TP for Atonement to get that extra damage in for more XP. Of course I don't have dancer sub so I don't know how awesome it is in campaign but since most PLDs sub it I'm sure its amazing.

Level Sync is also a great way to get that XP back. I enjoy a level sync party every once in a while to relive those Crawler's Nest days. Not much to say about this but that it is easy to get a invite on PLD and it's fun to XP with your pals, even if it is not the fastest XP in the world.

The least likely situation to get your buffer back is burn parties. Don't put your flag up if you think you're getting into one of these, cause all you will get is a Level Sync invite. Best chance of doing it is begging your friends to let you come along and tell them "Well I can cover you and holy circle and stuff". Having a DD set for this is also something you will need. If you get into one of these prepare to lose all that XP tanking some big nasty for one of your friends who let you come along. LOL

Now don't get me wrong PLD can do some great damage but you're not going to get a chance to show most people that you can. So remember all you people who abuse your PLD pals, be nice cause we go through a lot of crap to get all that XP we lose for you!

Well that's it for this one. I'm to tired to think of any other options for getting XP back so why not do the thinking for me and let me know how you get your XP back.


leybot said...

Don't forget skillup parties! Grab that 2h weapon you never get to use and someone that can refresh you. Now head over to Boyahda Tree for some Steelshells or even to Cape Terrigan for some FoV action.

Iz said...

I knew I was forgetting something!