Monday, July 06, 2009

You Are Not Your Perdu Voulge.

You are not your... is a series of articles dedicated to profiling a variety of equipment. Brought to you every Monday, this series will discuss why it is a good piece of gear, why it fills your needs, why you should get it or any other reason it could be useful. It could be something obvious, or it could be something off the beaten path, but it will always be useful in some way or another. After a short absence this column returns today and we take a look at a Great Axe that is a great axe.

The Stats: The Perdu Voulge is one of those Latent Effect weapons where you can't be sure of the stats before you test it, but after testing it you see that it is way better than you might have thought. This great axe itself is pretty good with a standard great axe delay and pretty high damage even before the latent effect is considered. The latent effect really makes it shine though. The latent effect like all Perdu weapons and other weapons like them are activated by having less than 100TP. What really makes them shine though is the fact that the latent is still active for weapon skills. This is because of the way that the game considers TP use. For a weapon skill you actually use up the TP before the WS goes off, so with a weapon like this the latent effect is added into the WS because the game considers you to have 0 TP at the time.

Now that you know how to activate the latent, lets look at the improved stats on this weapon. The damage is boosted to 96 which is the highest non-relic damage of any great axe, and there is even a hidden addition beyond that. When you are under 100TP or doing a weapon skill, you get an additional 5 Accuracy and 10 Attack. This is incredibly good considering the other great axe options for an end-game WAR. The best thing is that while you will lose the latent bonus for swings above 100TP, you will still get them if you are saving TP for a Steel Cyclone or for some other reason.

The Get: The Perdu Voulge is one of the many Perdu weapons that are available through Imperial Standing after getting the Mercenary Rank of Second Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant is a very high rank and you need 48k in Imperial Standing, so if you are looking to get this great axe for your WAR, you better get working on finishing up those Assaults, which you should have been doing anyway. :) The Perdu Voulge should be your permanent Great Axe unless you have a Relic or Mythic. It should finally replace your Byakko's Axe or Martial Bhuj if you were still using those. Get those ranks and spend the Imperial Standing and this awesome Great Axe will be yours!

If you like this series, but are wondering why you never see the items you are looking for, then leave a comments and we might just feature you favorite item next week!


leybot said...
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leybot said...

(Sorry, typo.) I like these articles. Do a ranged weapon next! Martial Gun? Selene's Bow? Othinus' Bow? I'm currently leveling RNG(64) so I'd to see what in store for me.