Monday, June 01, 2009

Zing defined: Allow Iz to retort.

Nothing is better than a good zing-fest. Izman obliges:

Is Kings worth to camp? Well that all depends on the person I would say.
You will you get more E-bodys and A-bodys doing doing both of course, but
not everyone wants to stand around for 3 plus hours a day or having to drop
whatever it is to rush off to go help kill these.
You say we don't need this gear and thats true. Most of us are at the point
where we are just going for the best of the best. Because we are going for
the best of the best then its not okay to exclude such items as D-ring
because it is super rare or exclude salvage bodies because they are 12M
to make.
If you think about it everything that comes from kings besides some of the
least desired peices such as Hrotti and etc can come form else where.
Odin drops kings abjurations, black belt items come from KS99s, and
even D-ring and Ridill come from the Mog Bonanaza. Not that it is practical
that any of us or anyone we know would win lol. I'm not sure if anything I
just said made any sense I just blacked out.


Iz said...

lol I wasn't trying to zing anyone this is just some of my opinion.

Qtipus said...

Kings are nothing more than a representation of SE's archaic way of thinking. Salvage and Einherjar are a representation of SE's more modern way of thinking.

It's high time SE figured out how to modernize the old "camped" stuff with crappy spawn windows.

Sure you need more people for something like Einherjar, but do people *really* think that you can dump out more E.bodies each month from Nidhogg than you could potentially with Odin?

Linkshells like LB have tremendous luck getting E.bodies from Odin to drop. With a good group, you can see Odin 2-3 times/month depending on how your run days fall. You're going to see Nidhogg what... anywhere from 4-7 times in a month?

(Huge emphasis on "see Nidhogg", not "claim Nidhogg".)

Congrats! If you manage to actually camp Fafnir or Nidhogg everytime it spawned for a month, you successfully spent 15-90 hours of your life crammed in one little space with absolutely no guarantee of claiming.

More realistically, let's say you spent the entire time you could camping it while it was in a decent time frame (15 day stretch). You now get to see Nidhogg 2-3 times potentially and you've spent 7.5-45 hours of your life crammed in that same little space.

And that's JUST Fafnir or Nidhogg...nevermind the turtle or behemoth...

If you go to Einherjar every day you can (every 72 hours on the dot), you will have likely seen Odin twice and spent a grand total of 5 hours of your life participating in this event.

And again, even more realistically, say you go twice a week (8-9 runs/month). You've spent 4-4.5 hours of your life there still with 2-3 very likely shots at Odin.

Comes down to how you want to roll the dice. Nothing is guaranteed either way cause a lot depends on the skill level/numbers of your group and their claiming skill, but it's a hell of a lot easier to organize Einherjar runs and see success from it than it is to sit in a crowded little space in direct competition with 100 other people who want the same shit you do.

It's not a knock on the gear itself. It's obviously still some of the best gear in the game, but I don't buy the argument that camping kings is still the best way to get your uber gear. Show me why I want to spend that much time competing for that uber piece of gear when I can spend a fraction of it, build something worthwhile and still end up with the same things.