Monday, June 01, 2009

From the mouth of babes: Defending Kings.

You might notice that I don't really think that King's are worth the effort for the most part, but I am not so naive to think that people don't want the gear, or have a different opinion from myself. Sure, the simple answer is to say you can do King's and the alternatives, but is the time spent really worth the rewards? So in an attempt to illustrate the other side's point of view I am posting a comment from Iceblazek on the issue. Before I do that though, let me state a couple of things. First, I don't necessarily agree with some of Ice's assessments of the gear, but I get where he is coming from. Second, I wouldn't normally just post a comment, and definitely not one of Ice's comments, :) but I think his comment does a lot to encapsulate and unbiasedly present the other side of the story. His paranoia of course shines through in the end, but that is Iceblazek's wheel house, so we roll with it.

Iceblazek said...
Ill never understand why people bash kings gear! Items like Heca head and legs can not be replaced with any of the current equip out there. Ridill is still better then gaxe, Ebody is better then ares and A body is still useful for those RDMs that dont want to spend 12M for the refresh effect. Im not going to mention d ring cause its way too much work. Plus there is always the BB items.

Now is where everyone starts mentioning Odin... Its the exact same shit, we just get another oppertunity at some of this great equipment that we used to get from kings, minus ridill and dring, but replaced by odin gear. It still takes a lot of work and probably just as much time when you figure the amount of people that you need to do einherjar is far greater then whats needed to kill nid.

Kings can be boring a lot of the time but that doesnt mean they are boring all the time. We have all got to the point where we **need** nothing to make our characters work, its now got to the point where we are seeking the very best and you have a far better chance of doing that if you do kings and einherjar at the same time.

Also!! there really is something fucked up when it comes to the servers coming down during NA time, it happens a lot more then it does when kings are in JP time.

Is it worth it to camp Kings? Is Einherjar really a panacea or just a pacifier? Is the effort really worth the reward for either? Tell us what you think!

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Iz said...

Is Kings worth to camp? Well that all depends on the person I would say.
You will you get more E-bodys and A-bodys doing doing both of course, but
not everyone wants to stand around for 3 plus hours a day or having to drop
whatever it is to rush off to go help kill these.
You say we don't need this gear and thats true. Most of us are at the point
where we are just going for the best of the best. Because we are going for
the best of the best then its not okay to exclude such items as D-ring
because it is super rare or exclude salvage bodies because they are 12M
to make.
If you think about it everything that comes from kings besides some of the
least desired peices such as Hrotti and etc can come form else where.
Odin drops kings abjurations, black belt items come from KS99s, and
even D-ring and Ridill come from the Mog Bonanaza. Not that it is practical
that any of us or anyone we know would win lol. I'm not sure if anything I
just said made any sense I just blacked out.