Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Site News: Two New Columns... With Your Help?

Two new columns will soon be gracing this website, and one of them will even need your help! The first column is a new column dealing with all things related to tanking. Whether it is gear, strategy or mob information, Izman will be the man to tell you how to do it. The tanking redneck will be presenting all sorts of information on how to tank everything from big mobs to little mobs, Einherjar to XP parties, solo Campaigns to packed Dynamis runs. And the best part about it is that Izman can bring the funny unlike the rest of us here, who can be cute, or trite, or angry, or grumpy, but funny isn't the thing we do best. So look for Izman's first post next week!

The other column that will soon be appearing will be a Question and Answer column where our goal will be to answer any and all of your burning questions about FFXI! Don't know what weapons you should be using on your BLU at level 60? We have answers! Always wanted to know why Shantoto speaks in rhyme? We can find out! Why can't you get your macros to work just right? We might have the trick! If you have a FFXI related question, just ask us and we will figure it out for you. Whether it's equipment related, lore related or even technical questions, we are here for you. As a special added bonus, Septimus, lore guru from Blue Gartr has even offered to answer storyline related questions!

So look forward to next week for Izman's new column, and give us your questions and we will see what kind of answers we can dig up!

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