Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning In Vana'diel: Hopes and Dreams.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! The July update approaches, and we don't know anything yet, so lets have that speculation run wild.

July is coming, and with it comes the July update, and with that comes rising expectations, rampant speculation and hopes and dreams for what is to come. So far we don't know much besides what we have already reported here and here, so that means it's a great time to guess what is coming next! Of course we have the Campaign adjustments and we could always just assume that we will be rolling around in piles of Ancient Currency and stacks of Imperial Wootz Ingots like some kind of Scrooge McDuck. But there are other things that are coming that have yet to be mentioned, only hinted at, like the new Missions. In one of the teaser pictures, Lilisette and Cait-Sith look like they are teaming up in Xarcabard. If I remember right, Cait-Sith was still being rather petulant towards Lilisette at the end of the last missions, so this may be an interesting turn of events.

But that is all fluff, what about the meat of the update? Job Adjustments and new gear! We do know that the Campaign bodies are finally coming, but what are the stats? I have seen some pretty ridiculous suggestions for the stats of this gear, but I am not giving it any credibility at all. What about other gear? What about the gear that is going to come from Unions? And most importantly, what about the job adjustments? I think the only revisions that SE has mentioned in the past that they wanted but still hasn't been released is the NIN "lose hate then get it back" JA. But then again they didn't mention anything about the WHM update that happened last update. And it also strikes me that even when all of the complaining that happens, it may be time to give BLM a good update, and that's not just because I just recently got BLM to 75. :) They need something, some kind of stance or buff to increase their damage. It's so static, and they just don't have the punishing power that melee have on things. A stance that could swap between magic accuracy and magic damage bonus would be great, I think.

So, what is your speculation? Do you have a hope that your favorite job will be buffed? Do you secret hope that another job will be nerfed? Do you have an idea that you wish SE would just listen to you about for just a minute? Leave a comment and tell us about your hopes and dreams for the July update!

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Yoteo said...

I want a merit level camp with mobs that are weak to Slashing. I think it's a bit on the unfair side that everything in ToAU is weak to piercing, so a couple camps where slashing wins would be a nice thing. Currently there is no mobs (I know of) that are really weak to Slashing, so I think it's overdue.

I think blm needs a touch of love, but I don't think upping their mag acc or mab is the way to go. The main problem with blm is MP efficiency over time. I don't want to make them more mp efficient than Sch, as that's Sch's thing, but just adding like Aspir II to give blm's a bit of help would be nice. If it worked like drain II, allowing you to go over cap, that would be very neat. Hit it with a long recast too, like 1.5 minutes, and make it's potency just slightly better than aspir, and I think it would be very cool, and not that game breaking.

No idea what other job should get a buff though. Bst maybe?