Thursday, June 04, 2009

POL News: Siren has no end-game.

On the front page of POL today is the announcement that the Siren server has won Besieged 2000 times in a row and is still undefeated from the day it was introduced. This makes me wonder... what are these guys doing that they have enough time to head to Al Zhabi every time the monsters invade? I barely have time to do anything recreational in the game because of events, leveling, meriting, crafting and a myriad of other things going on. Do the people on Siren just stand around in Al Zhabi drooling over themselves hoping for the approaching hordes to start marching? Do they go to the home bases of the different monster races and egg and TP their houses? Whatever they are doing it is working. Maybe if I have some readers from the Siren server they can tell us how they do it. So if you are from Siren let us know!

Here is the statement from POL:

Ever since the introduction of Besieged to Vana'diel approximately three years ago, Siren has emerged as the only world to maintain an immaculate, undefeated record. And as of May 27th 2009, this record has reached an amazing 2000 consecutive victories!

We would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to all the denizens of Siren World, and wish good fortune to those in all worlds who do their part in the frenetic defense of the Imperial Capital, Al Zahbi.


mtg2k said...

=== Welcome to Siren! ===
LS Member 1: Let's go camp Fafnir!
LS Member 2: Can't Man We got a Besieged coming up in 8 Hours! Can't Miss that!
LS Member 3: What's Fafnir?

Qtipus said...

Too bad Odin is fkn closed...I'd go to siren to camp kings for a bit, then come back to Odin... :P

Kimiko said...

Well, endgame wise on Siren is quickly becoming a one horse race since the arrival of EpicLS. They have pretty much dominated HNM camps since they showed up around January. Basically you either run with them, or you don't get jack s*it with another LS.

Kevin said...

There are typically a few JP that dedicate themselves to going after the mirrors to kill before every Besieged. Back when Besieged was more difficult, with no time limit or temporary items and such, they even shouted for help and set up runs for them. Today, it's usually a THF or a SMN soloing mirrors.

Me? Personally I just go to Besieged because I no longer join merit parties. And (3) 75 jobs are enough for me. Got to get my Imperial Standing from somewhere...Others are in it for the EXP by healing and the opportunity to skillup. It probably helps participation that nobody views it as "protecting the Sanction bonus."