Thursday, June 04, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Down and out in Whitegate.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! This morning we talk about gil, making it then spending it.

Yesterday, I finally got my BLM to 75, and even thought that problem is out of the way, I have a new and much more difficult problem to deal with coming up. How do I afford another 12 Imperial Wootz Ingots for my Morrigan's Robe. I always run into this problem whenever I need to make some big purchases, in that I don't have the time to make the money I need to get really expensive gear. I can usually make up to a million before I get total burnt out and want to spend it all. The money making opportunities in Vana'diel just aren't what they used to be. Either you have to engage in soul crushing farming for hours for minimal gain, or you have to sell your soul and sell high dollar items that your LS may need. Now, I may have a decent solution to this in low-manning some ZNM's, but even that is not as profitable as it used to be. Maybe someone can tell me how I can use my leathercraft to make some more money!

I wonder if you can whore out your character to some of those pimps in Norg... What I really need is a way to constantly make a decent amount of money consistently. I don't have a problem working for my money and I am not one of those people that try to make the big score with a super-rare HQ or camping an insanely low drop rate NM. What do you to do make your money? Do you think SE should do something to increase the income of the general population? Should SE do something to adjust the economy to prevent such important items from being so expensive? Tell us what you think!


Evilpaul said...

As somebody saving up for a Toreador's and Cuculain's Mantle I wouldn't mind some easier to come by gil.

It seems like selling Rare/Ex shit is the only way to make fast money these days.

Treubond said...

I must say, I like that SE isn't making it super easy for people to get the really good items. Saving up is part of the game, deciding what you want and deciding whether you really need it.

Can a BLM be a good BLM without a Morrigan's Robe or a refresh body for that matter? Hell yes they can, but you know how much sweeter you feel when you do get that Morrigan's Robe?!

For me that's what makes the game fun, is working for that hard to get item. As much as I hate trying to make gil like everyone else, it makes me feel that much more accomplished when I get it.

Ringthree said...

Meh, I have three different Salvage bodies I would like to make right now, and when the only barrier is cash that seems kinda lame. The barrier should be the event, not farming.

So I agree in principle there should be rare gear, I disagree on what the cock block should be.

Dockrpto said...

This is what ultimately forced me away from Vana'diel. I agree with Treubond. It's good that SE makes it difficult to aquire these types of gear, but at the same time there needs to be moderation. Some items in the game require ridiculous investments in time and gil, and thats just one job. If you are trying to gear up even just 2-3 jobs, it becomes very daunting. Frankly I think it's why half of the people quit the game and come back, they just get burned out until they get the itch to play again.

It's good to see that SE is focusing on changing this type of game system in FFXIV.

Khrone said...

"Do you think SE should do something to increase the income of the general population? Should SE do something to adjust the economy ... ?"

Thoughts like this remind me of that "Canada on Strike" episode of Southpark. ("We want more... money!") XD

I completely agree with the sentiments that items should be be challenging to obtain, but you're right: the gil cost for some of these items is just... "unnecessary"?

Getting your 3 items from Salvage = a challenge.

Getting all of the necessary titles and keyitems and whatnot needed to obtain a mythic weapon = spectacular and phenominally difficult for the vast majority of players!

The gil you need to pay the rest of the way for your Relic/Mythic/Salvage-Body = yeeeaaah. This turns out to just be tedious busy-work. Whether it's ENM farming, crafting, ancient beastcoin farming....

I'd think that this would be a fairly straight-forward fix by SE too: just increase the drop-rate on these coveted items (dynamis currency, alexandrite, Imp Wootz Ingots (or items to craft them), etc...).