Monday, June 01, 2009

Mr QQ Says: Is King Kupofried still having personal issues?

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Another week, another emergency maintenance? Well, it's not that bad, but it looks like SE is taking down the servers again, but there is no indication at this time as to why they need to do it. The only clues that I have seen so far have been on BG saying that there is a bit of an issue with the text reporting the buffs from the Kupofried event. As this is event is different than most as it is ongoing rather than just a week or two, it would seem that if it was necessary to take the servers down to fix the issue it would be better to do it now than wait until the next full update. It does seems relatively minor assuming it isn't the "everyone on my server has been DCing, so they must be fixing that when it is just probably my own crappy ISP" complaint that normally happens when people can't figure out why an emergency maintenance happens. Is it important enough to screw up Kings for the people that care? Should we even care about Kings? Are the buffs from Kupofried now better than most King gear anyway? The emergency maintenance is from 10AM to 12PM PDT which is... whatever time it is where ever you are at the time.

UPDATE: Looks like the fixes really were for Kupofried, and two other issues, one with server transfers that doesn't really look like it matters much and "an issue where gil could be obtained using an improper method". Looks like they stuck it to the RMT again.

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Iceblazek said...

Ill never understand why people bash kings gear! Items like Heca head and legs can not be replaced with any of the current equip out there. Ridill is still better then gaxe, Ebody is better then ares and A body is still useful for those RDMs that dont want to spend 12M for the refresh effect. Im not going to mention d ring cause its way too much work. Plus there is always the BB items.

Now is where everyone starts mentioning Odin... Its the exact same shit, we just get another oppertunity at some of this great equipment that we used to get from kings, minus ridill and dring, but replaced by odin gear. It still takes a lot of work and probably just as much time when you figure the amount of people that you need to do einherjar is far greater then whats needed to kill nid.

Kings can be boring a lot of the time but that doesnt mean they are boring all the time. We have all got to the point where we **need** nothing to make our characters work, its now got to the point where we are seeking the very best and you have a far better chance of doing that if you do kings and einherjar at the same time.

Also!! there really is something fucked up when it comes to the servers coming down during NA time, it happens a lot more then it does when kings are in JP time.