Monday, June 01, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Talking to SE.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! This morning we talk about talking to Square Enix.

While, I was gone there seemed to have been a whole lot of bluster and very little results when it comes to talking to Square Enix. First of all SE has introduced what is essentially a blog ring for FFXI, something that TTO has been doing for a couple of years now. While TTO does have some issues, and doesn't fit everyone's needs, it still in the end is probably does a better job of getting FFXI blogs out to the players than this new SE site does. And that is before you mention the rather restrictive policies has to register as a community site. And what does being a community site get you anyway?

From the lack of results to the bluster, there was a new "hard-hitting interview" on 1UP with part of the FFXI Development Team and the A Crystilline Prophecy writer. I am still trying to figure out how you can ask hard-hitting questions from within the bung hole of the interviewee. And that brings us to the topic for today, why is everyone on tip-toes when it comes to talking to SE. I have heard excuses from "well at least they are finally talking to us" to "hey those were hard-hitting questions" but in the end they are just nerds that run a video game, they aren't your parents, and it's not rude to ask real questions about the quality of an expansion as poor as ACP. What questions would you ask SE? Would you just give them softball questions about gear in ACP or would you ask why the hell they are handing out crappy content instead of working on a real expansion? Would you roll over for SE like they were your Grandparents, or would you stop acting like a fan boi and actually ask them about FFXI instead of how great the Dev Team thinks they are doing?

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wyred said...

Yo, email me on the issues and what improvements you think can be done for TTO. I'll think about it. :)

I still remember what you told me a while ago.

Ringthree said...

Cool, I will do that Wyred. :)