Friday, June 19, 2009

Firesday to Darksday: The Round-up!

Firesday to Darksday is our newest column on O's Kote and it will be covering the week that was in FFXI, going over good blogs you should check out, interesting threads on any forums we might notice or anything else that might have slipped by in the night. We are always on the look out for FFXI information for you!

This week was a little bit of hype with very little follow through from SE. Hopefully next week we will be seeing a little bit more information about the July update. In the mean time here is what you might have missed this week.

First of all the newest episode of Limit Break Radio is now available covering Einherjar for the most part.

Corinth has a great post on JP Button how SE managed to tune down some of the potential racism associated with RMT.

We also have a rather interesting blog post by Etrigan on how to Call for Help in interesting and actually helpful ways.

If you see anything interesting, thoughtful or juicy posted throughout the week then let us know by leaving a comment! Help spread the word!

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