Tuesday, June 02, 2009

FFXIV Online confirmed for 2010! Videos up now!

During the Sony E3 presentation, FFXIV was announced and confirmed to be online.

Don't have much for details yet, but I am sure the presentation will be put online soon. I will add to this post as I get more details.

You Tube video of FFXIV announcement and trailer!

More confirmed information:
* Simultaneous worldwide launch (well at least NA and JP).
* Available for PS3 and PC.

Official Site Launched!


Yoteo said...

I watched the presentation. They really didn't have any details. They showed a trailer for a new Final Fantasy game, and it wasn't until the end when it said Online that anyone clued in that it was the new MMO.

Square Enix has a presentation tomorrow, so I suspect they will give more details on it then.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

One major thing: PS3 ONLY.

Sounds to me as if they have decided not only to abandon the XLax, but the PC too.

(Gee, I wonder why about the latter... *sarcasm*)

Ringthree said...

Starcade, as usual, you are uninformed. It's be confirmed for the PC and PS3.