Wednesday, May 20, 2009

POL News: Podcast Tour post is a day late and a...

POL, awesome as ever at delivering news to us in a timely manner, has reported that the Podcast Tour is now available for people to listen to... or you could have just gone to their respective sites when the final Podcast Tour event was finished last week on Limit Break Radio. The other two Podcast Tour "stops" were released even earlier, both happening two weeks ago. Along with LBR, the Pet Food Alpha and the He Says, She Says podcast were pretty much complete fluff pieces, there were a few nuggets of information provided about how in-game events are handled, how the community team communications with the development team and how the community team keeps up with the community.

It was interesting to learn that the community team does read multiple forums and blogs. Add that to the fact that the community team actually posts on some of the forums, although still very, very rarely, and you have some actual customer contact from SE. Now, if it was just 2004 instead of 2009 it might be groundbreaking. But I guess we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth on this one, right?

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