Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: What would you do if you won?

As you might have heard the Mog Bonanza is Imminent but what would you do if you won a first place prize? Would you go for the Gil? Or would you go for the items? Unlike last year there is no way to know how much Gil you will win before hand, and I doubt it is going to be as much as it was last year. 100 million was a whole lot of Gil, and I can't see this Bonanza handing back that much Gil again, but you never know. The items are a mixed bag just like they were last year, with some impressive items from different HNM from around Vana'diel, and some are definitely better than others.

So what would you take? Would you even level a new job to make use of some of the more impressive items? Would you level SAM just to be able to use Futsuno Mitama? Would you level DRK just to be able to zerg your heart out if you picked the Kraken Club? Would you take the Gil even if you didn't know how much it was going to be?

Let us know what you would get by leaving a comment!


Kimiko said...

I'd probably take the gil regardless, as there is not much on the rank 1 prizes that are really worth it for my particular circumstance. The Morrigan's Robe would be nice, but since I'm sitting on the 35 piece and just need the remaining 2 plus the 12 million gil for ingots, it's a matter of time and patience.

Anexia said...

I went into more detail in a blog post a few weeks ago here -- -- but to summarize:

Rank 4 - a gil item

Rank 3 - Nashira Seraweels, or POSSIBLY a Hauteclaire, it'd depend on if limbus puts out for me before I got to pick a prize.

Rank 2 - Probably gil, possibly a Blackbelt or Velocious Belt, but I'd have to level a job to make either of them useful.

Rank 1 - Probably gil, if it'd be enough for a Novio earring with a bit extra to put towards a Morri. robe. If not, probably the robe.

Anonymous said...

Rank 1: Gil hands down. There's no way it'll be any less than 30 or 40 million, and will probably be around 100 million or possibly more.
Rank 2: This is a tossup. Gil could be substantial still, but some of the items, especially sellable items (hi2u Gaiters) are worth looking at.
Rank 3: Sellable items are still good. Maybe a R/ex item. Probably not gil.
Rank 4: Craftable item for HQ chance (D.ingot or Behe hide)
Rank 5: doesn't matter, but probably turtle statue.


Evilpaul said...

Rank 5, I might get a HNM statue depending on what the enhancement is. Otherwise, EXP scroll.

Rank 4, a gil item. Empress Pin is tempting, but I don't really need one.

Rank 3, there's a few things I wouldn't mind having here. I'd probably go with Barbarossa's Zerehs.

Rank 2, I'd spend a week and a half making gil to buy fish for the Ebisu items. If I got one of them in that time, I'd get the other via Mog Bonanza.

If not, since we're talking winning the lottery twice, literally, I'd go with Herald's Gaiters or gil whichever is more.

Rank 1....I'd really like a Defending Ring, but at the same time with 100mil or some such I could pay for most/all of a relic. I'd probably go for the gil.

Qtipus said...

Rank 1 - Gil. Possibly Defending Ring...depends on how deep the 'upgrade another relic' itch is.

Rank 2 - Toss up. Velocious Belt is winning atm. Last year the gil prize was 10 mil and as I stated then, I can make that in a month or two of semi-hardcore crafting. Camping King Arthro or trying to get KS99s together take a lot more effort.

Rank 3 - Algol. I picked up Hauteclaire last year in this thing and it paid off tremendously. Since I already plan on leveling DRK, this'll go right along with it.

Rank 4 - Whatever costs the most at the time. Then I'll sit on it for a few months and sell it.

Rank 5 - HNM statue. Fafnir most likely.

Most of my decisions on these things just simply weigh how much time I'd spend camping/organizing vs. how much time I'd spend crafting.