Tuesday, May 19, 2009

POL News: Kupofried loses treasured relics again.

You would figure if these were treasured relics of all Moogle-kind that Kupofried would keep better track of them, or at least like put them under a mattress for safe-keeping or something.

SE has posted Mog Tablet Quest Redux! on the front page of POL. It's just an update to the initial post on the subject but it does provide new information about the on-going event.

Interestingly enough, from the description, it looks like the normal Kupofried event is going to be slightly different from the first week. The time frame for the tablets reappearance is 8 to 24 hours which can put it into any timezone. This is a good choice on SE's part, not only is there variation based on when the tablets are picked up but also on when they reappear. Also, beside he fact that we will only be getting three random buffs instead of all eleven buffs, it looks like the targets will be harder to find now, but I am sure that those that use Ap-radar will be able to pick them up faster than everyone else. :(

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Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Actually, not this time.

We're still in the Anniversary Event, so all 11 should drop this time.

It's the _next one_ in which only three would drop.