Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forum Fishing: Magic Damage Calculator with backsolver for mob INT.

Although this thread is a necrobump by the author, Bashfr, I think it's one that we should all be glad that got bumped because it looks like he has created one of the best looking, easiest to use and most capable Magic Damage Calculator that we have available right now. The best part is that if you provide a little bit of testing you will be able to solve back the INT of just about any mob in the game.

It's too bad that really interesting and valuable resources like this are lost so often in forum drama and complaints. To prevent that from happening as often, I will be adding them here and onto the new site so people will have them into the future. This new column will be called Forum Fishing and will provide any interesting tidbits that may float across the variety of forums and websites that support the FFXI community. Hey, when you don't have Blue posts to latch onto, who else is going to sort the wheat from the crap posts, right? Anyway, this one is definitely worth a look at even if it is just to get a better understanding of the math behind the damage calculations. If you are going to use this MDC I would suggest that you take the time to do just a few of those requisite tests to figure out the INT of whatever you happen to be nuking at the time and just add it to the wiki, so that other people can have the information in the future.

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