Monday, April 06, 2009

Longview weekend.

It's a Saturday, but honestly, I have been so bad about updating my blog I should really be doing this now.

Let's start with a quick general update.

Well, Salvage is now winding down. As you may know I go with two groups, my own and Celestria's. Well, Celestria's group has obtained the last time items that we were really trying to get before ending their group/runs. They will still go with us when they have the time, but I think they would like a short break from Salvage and I can not begrudge them that, it is well deserved.

Now, for those two last pieces. I think I might have mentioned them before but let us review. After over a year in which Iz was the sole lot on Ares's Legs they finally dropped. I was in disbelief really because I just didn't think they were going to drop until after they adjusted the drop rates in Salvage, which apparently they may not even be doing in this update. If you can go this long and do Salvage as much as we do it, then you need to fix the drop rate. Iz's Ares's legs are really sweet, and I am so glad he finally has them. :) Now, the other item that we needed was the 35 for Omoi's Marduk legs (Legs being the general bane of our existence) and that was an even more epic drop situation. I have posted this before I believe but it goes with the general narrative so deal with it. :) That still amazes me really, and although I would have loved to get that Skadi body, I am just glad that Omoi got her legs and got them made that night. :) The amazing thing is that after that we started getting a whole bunch of 35's. When it rains, it pours. We got another two Marduk legs which went to Darkdawn and Qtipus. We got another Skadi body which Kallo got and is already up to 8 Imperial Wootz Ingots. Iz also got a pair of 35 Morrigan's gloves. Ninjafox is the king of missing important Salvage drops, and he missed a Morrigan's body which went to Blaize, then he missed this nice Morrigan's body which went to Iz, and Iz's BLM is only 66 right now. :) But he finally showed up at the right time and Ninjafox got his Morrigan's 35 body. Congratulations NF! Additionally, we got an Usukane 35 head for Blaize! :) I think we might have gotten a few other pieces but I don't remember right now and it's getting late so if I forgot anyone, meh. LOL

Outside of Salvage I have been doing a lot of ZNM work. I currently have a completed Cerberus set and I am working on another set. Again, learning from Celestria (you may be seeing a trend there) I have started tossing really weak mobs into Pankration so that I can build up Jettons quickly to purchase the HQ camera for more plates to turn in for Zeni. And as the title mentions, we were doing the tier 3 vampire for Cerberus tonight. If kited it really is a lot easier and can be low-manned, if fought straight up it can take a lot more people and it can be a lot harder, if not near impossible because of it's TP moves and it's love to drain everyone in sight. We are building up and preparing to do a semi-low-man attempt at Cerberus and the other Tier 4 ZNMs. I will tell you how that goes when we try it. I still need to build a fire resist set-up for this but it doesn't seem that it will be too hard to piece together. We were doing a Nosferatu when I started doing this and in general I don't know if 4 people is enough to take the vampire without a dedicated healer. I also found out that going /SAM is not good for this guy because unless you get lucky and hit Third Eye right before he summons, you are going to get hit and you probably won't be able to take more one set. /NIN is definitely the better way to handle Nosy even if you are a mage, actually, especially if you are a mage. I have my pop item for the first part of the second Cerberus set I am putting together.

It's miscellaneous time! I have a whole bunch of pictures and I can't really come up with a better way to organize them, so I am just tossing everything together. :) Einherjar is going very well for us, and we have fewer and fewer losses. There are some rooms that just appear to be impossible, but honestly I have luckily missed those for the most part. :) Taco got the M. Body, and with how often he wears it it is quite obvious that he loves it. It is actually one of the first "Kings" drop we have in the LS. I think it is actually the second. The first was an N. Head which was a lot won by someone that promptly left the LS the next week.

I have been working on the Wings missions in anticipation of the update on Wednesday. It is interesting but at times it really feels like it isn't going anywhere in particular. The CS's are definitely funny and enjoyable though, and the interactions with Cait-Sith seem like will have future meaning. I guess I will take a moment to now say that I will be incredibly disappointed if they do not open up the Northlands in this update. There are only supposed to be quest storyline extensions for this update so there may not be a storyline driven reason to open up the Northlands, but it is time that we get something new for real end-game use. There has been very, very little involved with the new expansion and end-game areas. ZNM's may have been introduced after Wings but they obviously weren't part of the expansion. I do think that tomorrow or the update day we will get the big announcement, but honestly MMM does absolutely nothing for me and although the SCNM (or whatever people call them) are decent have have a few decent rewards, there is next to nothing that is game breaking enough to justify more than event or two a month on them.

Well, that is good for today, I have been leveling BLM a little more and I will talk about that at some point.

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Kallo Landis said...

As far as the Northlands Updates -- they never, ever reveal absolutely EVERYTHING before the update.

So...we may, small chance, still get them.

I'd like the next Tier in Campaign Medals myself ^.^