Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where are my updates?

It's been quite some time since the last update and we still don't have update notes for the next one that is supposed to happen in March. The last update we got notes almost two month's in advance. Right now even if the notes started coming tomorrow I don't think we will see the next update until after March. Unless they change the number of update notes or the speed at which they come out I don't see them getting it out any time soon. I just hope some new information comes soon. I am not bored in game or anything. In fact, I don't have enough time for pretty much anything in game right now besides my normal events and leveling BLM. It is just that I want more information and new things. I love reading about new things coming to the game, and I love thinking about how to use the new things that are coming. This reflects partially back on SE's lack of communication it has with it's player base, but I think I have gone over that before. In case I haven't, ultimately, the problem that SE has is that it is doing one thing while only partially listening to the player base. It's like a parent/child relationship. They have an idea of what they think is best for us and we have and idea of what we think is best for us. In the middle there is a good solution, but it seems like we are not willing to meet in the middle.

Well, even with this lack of updates I am definitely looking forward to some of the things that are supposed to be coming down the pipe.

- The new outland areas opening up in the past. Now this just seemed very interesting in the interviews that I have heard so far. They said that they are going to be "high level" areas. Now, who knows what that means really? At least it sounds like it has some kind of end-game activities involved.

- The new areas that are going to be Campaign related. I think people are missing this one a little bit. There are several gates in the older areas where it is obvious that there will be events. Some of them are already in use, but most of them are not used at all yet. The implication is that these areas will be like the big Campaign related fights with the beastman fights where you get the Witch's Sash and things like that, but the fights will be easier and the rewards will be lessened.

- New barspells? This was mentioned off-hand in one of the interviews that I saw and it seems pretty interesting. I still think that WHM needs Regain and it would be sweet for DRK or BLM to get Plague/Virus/Disease. More control over the players and mob TP is something that is more and more necessary in game. I mean Regain would essentially be Refresh for DNC and Plague/Virus/Disease (something that would tick down mob TP) would have the effect of at least partially allowing a extra melee or two onto mobs that you would normally limit TP on.

I love speculation. Bring on the update notes so I can stop recycling my hopes and dreams.


Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Another piece of evidence that Square-Enix is walking away from FFXI as we speak.

By the by, they've already kiboshed much thought of more past areas, except those which would complete WotG storyline.

Anonymous said...

Regain would certainly bring WHM to the front in invites.

But DNC would prolly miss out on getting a Regain from the WHM. People would end up just wanting the WHM in a PT to Regain the DDs while DNC gets left out of the party as the WHM can heal anyway.

Thats my dire prediction anyway hahah

Ringthree said...

Starcade, go die in a fire please. And you are just wrong. In the latest interview the outlands are coming with new events.

You are such a whiner and a douche. Just go away.

Ringthree said...

Oh, and for Starcade.


You redefine the term moron.