Friday, February 20, 2009

I am not a unique snowflake!!!

Why am I the only person that thinks that Windower 4.0 is the most awesome thing since sliced bread?

Windower 4.0 is going to have a true graphic interface, one with separate windows for TP, MP, HP that you can click and drag. Positioning and targeting icons for players and targets. Why am I the only one jumping up and down and saying "Holy Shit"? Seriously, this is revolutionary compared to the current windower.

I have poured over Azaril's blog and the idea's look just amazing really. Well, I didn't understand 99% of it because it was talking about coding or key binding, neither of which I know anything about. The important things for me were the changes to TParty. Check them out.

* Cast bars for players within alliance/range of the player. This would allow you to see who’s casting what and on who. For example tell if you’ve got an incoming heal when you’re close to death.
* Alliance member location indicators. Show arrows under your players feet to indicate direction to alliancer members/group members/target.
* Alliance member or target overlay information, see hp/mp/tp information next to the player on screen.
* Custom overlay information, attach any image/text to a player in 3d.
* Clickable targeting and casting buttons on screen for alliance members. Be able to see health and debuffs on a player in a simple fashion and be able to click to cure/remove debuffs.

This shit is epic.

1. Cast bars for players. Decrease your overhealing, find out if you are getting that silena or paralyna that you need. Is someone casting Ichi? Toss out a Flash to cover for them in the mean time. There is so much information that we should have but have been unable to see because of chat lag, or filters or any other reason. Now we will be able to cast efficiently and also have visual feed back on interrupted spells for tanks. This is something that almost all other games already have and have had for years.

2. Alliance member indicators. Ever tabbed past the tank that needs a cure just because you hit tab too fast? Want to know who your party members are in Dynamis and Einherjar? Now you can focus on the important people and ignore the rest.

3. Target information overlays. Want to know how much HP, MP and TP everyone else has without having to take your eyes off the action? Want to conveniently know the status of people around you? What if you want to add a little something to remind you of a spell you need to cast or something else about another player? Easy enough.

4. The best part. Click and go! Click on a player and then click a button on screen to cast a spell on them. Even more importantly, get an on screen visual display of buffs and debuffs on players, assign a button to a debuff spell and then click and start casting.

All of this, if it actually works and if Azaril gets the graphical support he needs, could be utter game changing and could make this game make a huge jump forward in design and play.

It's awesome and I should not be alone in feeling this way!


Kimiko said...

Hell, to be honest this is the first mention I've even heard bout 4.0. Guess they're closer to a release then I could have thought.

Kallo Landis said...

"Seriously, this is revolutionary compared to the current windower."

Revolutionary when WoW started usign it =P

Nah, I'm excited. But I manage without it so meh.

razorcat said...

Dont' let starcade find out. he's going to blow his top.

aerroenu said...

Haha, Razorcat. (xD)

Actually, yeah, I'm excited about it, too. Sure, it's "emulating" WOW's interface... except I found it incredibly useful. *lol* Granted, I doubt I'll immediately use it. Still used to FFXI interface. (xD)

Ringthree said...

My impression is that it will mimic FFXI's interface, but just allow movement and on screen placement of something like the current HP, MP and TP menu. And then in addition you will have optional bars and icons for individual players. The description sound like it will be very customizable.

Anonymous said...

can u post a link to his blog please?

JESS said...

too late Starcade already has RingThree is his new Blog post lmao

Katoke said...


Anonymous said...

The most exciting changes in ages come from the playerbase and not SE.

Ringthree said...

LOL That is not true at all. We do play the game after all. Windower v4.0 is awesome but it is not the reason we play.

Anonymous said...

seems pretty awesome, and lol@starcade.