Monday, February 16, 2009

Start jerking off kids, this plane is going down.

Life as we know it is ending. The universe is going to blink out of existence.

First, the revelation that FFXI isn't SE's only SM freak sex toy. JPButton >> Final Fantasy XI: Profitable but Dying? Now it might seem that the sky is indeed falling, and that your character's head is on the chopping board, but take heart fair adventurer because you are not alone!


The newest announcement from Blizzard! The end is nigh for WoW! Jeffrey Kaplan Leaves WoW for New MMO Ok, go ahead and put that gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

Now, where am I going with all of this? That's easy. I am going for some reality.

FFXI hasn't been the number one thing on SE's plate for over a year. The content from WotG has been slow and the game is pretty old now. This isn't a shock, it's reality. Companies need to make money and although FFXI is a kind of freaking Frankensteinian cash cow and golden goose mutant, that doesn't mean that they don't have new and innovative ways to drain out pockets monthly. It also doesn't mean that FFXI is dying. In fact, I think that their approach in the last couple of updates has actually been to try to revive it in a manner. They are trying to get new players in and trying to get old players to come back. The only problem is that it seems like they stalled out on some of the good stuff that people like me usually look forward to in the update notes.

WoW is WoW, I guess, but where some people take essentially the same news for FFXI, they do not apply it to WoW. Probably because of the number of people playing WoW, but in the end WoW and FFXI are completely different. FFXI attracts different people than those that WoW attracts in general. I like playing it from time to time but it just isn't FFXI. It is what people generally like because people like to do what is popular, thus what makes it popular. But that is tautological. Any how, as it turns out, this was all a tempest in a teapot anyone, because just two days later we see what SE was really trying to say. Check page nine for the same page in English.

It's a moment of well duh. We knew that was coming, they have been working on their next MMO for a long time and they have already said they aren't going to make the EQ to EQ2 mistake, meaning they don't want to spend a whole lot of money on a sequel and end up only either stealing their own customers or wasting a whole lot of money on a game that doesn't draw people from their old game. So, yes, there is a new game coming, and there has been a lot shaking up FFXI for the last month or two, but in the end is this going to amount to anything of significance?

I really don't think so.

Working on RNG on the cheap. Let's be clear about something here, ok? There is nothing fucking cheap about RNG. OK? NOTHING.


Kallo Landis said...

Lawl. <3

JESS said...

good point it is exactly how I's about answering my /tells more then a 1% chance > all ffxi drops O.o

Ringthree said...

LOL Jess, I would respond more but you send tells in the middle of Limbus runs when I am on WHM. :)

JESS said...

LMAO .....I see i need to change my name to IzJess ;p

Anonymous said...

Best thing to do when levelling ranger: never look at you gil in/out ratio. Just smell some flowers and forget all about it~

Skurlover said...

Hey Ring, I hadn't checked in a while with the blog so I thought I see what you had recently. I'm been FFXI clean and sober for what, 6 months now? PLEASE TAKE ME BACK, THE WIFE IS KILLING ME......oh shit, here she co.......AAGHHHHHHHHHHHH!@@@@@@@@@@

P.S. Did you mail that card case? I don't think I ever saw it?

Ringthree said...

Wait. What? WIFE? I thought you learned your lesson.

No, I haven't sent it yet, but I have it. I will get around to it... sometime.