Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hubris is a mother fucker.

Not really trying to get down on anyone that duped and got banned.

Just want to get down on anyone that duped, got banned, when they previously said they were so fucking scary smart for duping and are now whining that it is SE's fault that they fucking did it.

To those people.







To the people that duped, got banned, admitted it and are accepting the consequences.

You had balls, and you put them on the table, they may have been chopped off, but you at least took it like a man and I respect that.

I pass no judgment on duping itself, that is for each person to decide, but I do pass judgment based on how you acted about the duping situation.

That is where you separate the angsty teenagers from the people with real fortitude.


Qtipus said...

No way to justify cheating and whatnot, but part of the reason this exploit was taken advantage of in the manner it was is on SE's shoulders. If you make conditions shitty enough so that people consider acts like this, some responsibility has to be taken on that end. Obviously, "Shitty conditions" are subjective, but waiting over a year for a drop is ridiculous.

It's kind of like govt. rationed food. If the only place to get food is from the govt. and you're still become more and more pissed the hungrier you get. At that point, you start trying to rationalize crap like theft, murder, etc to make your own ends meet.

SE has acknowledged this complaint by it's playerbase by publicly stating they'll adjust the droprates of SSR and Bhaflau, but it's pretty obvious they didn't take their own short-sighted concept of what is actually "fun" into consideration when they dumped these bans out.

I'm not blaming programmers and I'm not saying the cheaters are justified in their decisions, but I am saying that some leniency should have been practiced here.

Ringthree said...

If you don't like the drop rate go play another game.

I have zippy sympathy.

The people asking for "sympathy" are exactly the same type of people that said "I was just using windower" they are fucking liars and they can fucking burn.

iceblazek said...

most of the ppl ive talked to are accepting of what happend, im really sad to see so many players go tbh

Evilpaul said...

I, for one, appreciate anytime one can draw lifeboat situation comparisons to droprates in an MMO. "My children almost died of dysentary until I got that Marduk's hands 35!"

The "I duped because droprates sucked" people are probably part of the reason SE didn't increase Salvage droprates.

I'm betting they'll actually increase droprates in Salvage the next update.

Either way, the people crying about getting banned for duping amuse and entertain me.

Ringthree said...

Paul, may all your pies be warm and tasty!

Ringthree said...

I do have to say that I love how the people that got the ban hammer are now saying that it is too much and they should have only been warned.


"I knew what I was doing, and I knew I could get banned, but I only deserve a warning!"

Seriously, die in a fucking fire.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you're also overestimating the competence of SE. These people are unable to distinguish between groups dedicated to duping and selling drops, and curious people duping a water crystal to see this "feature" in action and then tossing the prize.

I forgot to mention it before, sorry, I'll miss salvage tonight thanks to a sudden unexpected vacation out of town. Yeah. BRB finding a fire to die in.


iceblazek said...

"I do have to say that I love how the people that got the ban hammer are now saying that it is too much and they should have only been warned.


"I knew what I was doing, and I knew I could get banned, but I only deserve a warning!"

Seriously, die in a fucking fire"

as much as i usually love your in your face blogging, some sympathy should be given.

Ringthree said...

Cel, honestly, my comments weren't directed at you, even if they were vehement. People like Xerlic, Kaeko, and you I was not mad at. :(

Qtipus said...

I wouldn't have made the decision to dupe anything myself nor do I think the people that did should go unpunished. Only point I was making is that SE created an environment that drew out a very bad side of human instinct. The hungrier someone gets for something, the dumber they become. Dynamis is a good example. People didn't have a way to circumvent game mechanics, but you could easily see someone's nature deteriorate the longer they had to wait for something. Combine that with just plain ol' curiosity, and you have a very bad situation.

Everyone who duped should be punished to some degree, but those guys who duped a couple cell drops getting permabanned is extreme. The guys who duped drops to sell, yeah they can die in a fire if they didn't get permabanned. SE acknowledged that they fucked up and pissed people off when they announced that they would adjust droprates, but the way they went about these bannings today suggest that they're laying every single bit of the blame at the playerbase's collective feet. It's just hard for me to completely fault human nature as the sole reason for this entire situation.

Omoikitte said...

Nooo >.< Cel.. noooo >.<

Anonymous said...

Eh, I knew I was playing with fire. I had to know exactly how to make it happen, and the only thing I'm sorry for is screwing up our salvage schedule. What a fascinating bug, and an insight into SE's amazing failure of a development team. :P

I guess I'm sorry for bringing Blaize down with me too, but we'll be back Monday. Happy hunting! :)

Blaize said...

Friggin crystal... :)

Taking a break from the game for a few days, leveling COR from 36 to 60 in five days left me way too burnt out to consider doing anything before, say, Monday.

JESS said...

very interesting points made here..... It is is not cut and dry as one would think when 1st looking through the looking glass.

Tuufless said...

Heh, I just found out I also received the almighty suspension/ban-hammer. Oh well, looks like it will be a good time to take a break, anyway. :D