Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Woman... the ficklest creature.

When men are tired, they are just tired. Reactions slow, eyelids droop and attentiveness wains.

When women are tired, they get cranky. Cranky like the Rancor monster from Star Wars. They will pick you up in their tiny little hands and bite your head off for a snack.

Fear women at times such as these. Women at all other times are generally docile beasts, easily swayed with trinkets and gilt. But woe be unto those that trifle with women when they are extended past their bedtimes.

And now, to my beloved reader, I must bid you a fond, if sorrowful, good-bye, because as soon as a couple of my female readers click on this link I will be summarily destroyed by the pure mental power of the anger and disgust of those female readers.


I kid. :)

Oh, god I am so dead.

Anyway, while Omoi plots my doom, and I am sure that the other women that I play with like Celestria will also want to participate, I am fleeing the country and moving to Canada assuming the new identity of Jacques Ringtrois...

Let's talk about my WHM shall we? We shall. Honestly, right now, my WHM is decently geared, but well under-skilled. My healing isn't capped, my enhancing isn't capped, my divine isn't capped. The only thing that is capped is my enfeebling because I cast Dia II more than anything else. :) I should probably work on that, but I never have any time, and the time I do have I am doing other things. I really need to force myself to do it, maybe make it part of another one of my lists! Well, I wanted to talk about WHM gear and macro sets, but first I want to talk about some potential good gear that is available for WHM and looking forward to BLM from Einherjar. I have points building up from Einherjar, and I want to use them soon, because in a couple of weeks I am going to have enough to get two different pieces. An interesting side note on my feelings about Einherjar gear, at first I thought the gear was pretty crappy overall. There were a few pieces that were definite improvements, but in the end most of them were basically HQ versions of things that were already available. They were worthless because without having the ability to get points without completely clearing a zone the cost to reward ratio was very low for these items. Now that this has been reversed and the items are now relatively easy to come by because you will always get points from Einherjar the situation has changed. In many case the bonuses are worth the investment, and they are "free" items compared to getting something off of the AH. Yes, they are still marginal upgrades but that margin is definitive over the old items that were used previously.

I am definitely considering a Morgana Choker because it basically kicks the crap out of all other WHM neck pieces of any level. It has a bunch more MP than my crappy NQ beak necklace and it has some additional MND which is always nice and could be useful for RDM in the future, but I don't know what else RDM has for the neck besides enfeebling torque, so I may be wrong there. In any case, I can't go wrong with this item for my WHM even if it isn't that useful for my other jobs.

The second piece that I am considering is getting a Gleeman's Cape for my BLM which is on the fast track to super stardom in Versus. (Iceblazek search detector here) It is not the best BLM cape available, because there are other options like the Ixion Cape (expensive) or the Merciful Cape (rare), but it fulfills my normal requirements for non-main job gear. It is cheap and easy to get! The INT on it is equal to the highest of all other available pieces even though it does have the negative MP on it.

The third piece that I want and it is probably on the same level as the Morgana's Choker, is the Omega Ring. Iceblazek (another check) demands that I get this before ever even considering any of the other options, though he did balk when I mentioned the stats on the Morgana's Choker because he thought it's stats were much more poor than they were in reality, but he did not back off of the desire for me to get the Omega Ring. The Omega ring has a couple of very good qualities, the stats are decent but lower than other potential ring options. The thing that puts it over is the 3 extra Magic Accuracy which makes it stronger when it comes to skill and resists than those other ring options. Now, I don't really have any other jobs that can use the Omega Ring but other jobs I am considering leveling like RDM, SCH and BRD can all use it and can all benefit equally from it. So I am probably going to get this first, or second... LOL If I get enough points for both items before I get to 75 on BLM which is like a 99% probability, then I will get both at the same time. The only problem is that work is fucking with my ability to go to Einherjar, but then again it is fucking with my ability to level BLM.

Iz just hit 50 on BLM, so now he can Freeze one-shot stuff. Iceblazek can come with us too. I would really like to hit 50 soon so that I can Freeze stuff too! ;_; LOL. I think I just need to pick up Freeze for now, even though I am still missing Poison II and Stonaga II. I can see a use for Poison II later, but for now it's as useless as tits on a boar.

At some point I wandered away from my goal of talking about my WHM gear, but it appears that I have mentally meandered back to the subject, so lets discuss.

First, my healing set up as I expect it to be for the short term.

Main: Light Staff
Sub: Staff Strap
Ammo: Phantom Tathlum (Don't have that yet but will get it to use with BLM too)
Head: Walahra Turban
Neck: Morgana's Choker
Earring 1: Antivenom Earring
Earring 2: Loquacious Earring
Body: Noble's Tunic
Hands: Blessed Mitts
Ring 1: Serket Ring
Ring 2: Ether Ring
Back: Blue Cape
Waist: Hierarch Belt
Legs: Blessed Trousers
Feet: Rostrum Pumps

And that's it for today, I will go over my other WHM gear sets tomorrow.

And to Omoi, Iceblazek, Izman, Celestria, Kallo, and anyone else that is reading, I love you all! :)


iceblazek said...


Iz said...

Awwwww youre so sweet but it wont save you. - Iz

51 btw

JESS said...

Omega's ring cause u picked the stupid 4 acc /4 atk (mini-me Rajas ring) from TOA.

JESS said...

You are very conflicting in your Blog .... while back you called Celestria a man and now a woman .... which is it ?

JESS said...

you are def. scorned now LMAO

Kallo Landis said...

A couple things to note, b\c I think both of us are going through a "how do I equip my blm" phase. How good is the Solitaire Cape that comes from T2 ZNMs? Off the Imp I think. It gives Spell Intr. Rate down as well as MAB+2, I beleive.

Also...are you dying? I know me and Iz make fun of you alot, but seriously, are you ok? You actually didn't insult me in your blog...I'm a bit worried now =(

Anonymous said...

WHM is like BRD, you can exp in nothing but an instrument and it makes very little difference. I'll jump in with a few suggestions since you asked so nice.

Sub: Bugard Strap+1 - You'll want the +1 INT for BLM anyway.
Ammo: Hedgehog Bomb, but Phantom Tathlum is ok if you're trying to conserve inventory space by sharing BLM+WHM gear.
Neck: Faith Torque, since you have it already. Morgana's Choker is just +40mp on top of that, and how often are we at full mp?
Ring 1: Serket Ring - There are cheaper alternatives, like Trooper's Ring for enmity-4. Serket is great if you have it, of course.

Solitaire Cape is crap, use an INT+4 or +5 piece in that slot. MAB+2 is not worth the extra resists.

Omega Ring, I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Get two snow rings.


Kallo Landis said...

Thanks Celes!

Omoikitte said...

Heheh, I am going to wade in here about the WHM set up a little, as I have a different opinion to Celestria on this. WHM is one of those jobs where there are a lot of different ways you can gear yourself at end game, so it presents something of a challenge to decide what is the best setup.

Everyone takes a different approach.

I think that it would be more prudent for him to have the Morgana's Choker than a Faith torque in the neck piece, while we are not always at full mp, for certain instances it really helps to keep standing for as long as possible, such as in Salvage or any short, high damage fight like Byakko or Kirin. Hiryo has 5 MND merits over me and my cures still do more than his, so I think the mind is negligable for cures and if you want to use it for something else, just macro it in. I certainly don't think it should really be a full time neck piece unless you are Taru and need the MND boost, but Ring is Elvaan and most of his WHM style comes down to needing to learn about critical timing and choice of cures more than anything. And that just comes with experience.

It's just a bumpy ride for the rest of us while he gets the knack /grin

jonathan said...

Ring, since you are the master (/bow), i must ask you a question. how much store tp do i need to hit 100TP with a 480 delay weapon in 5 hits? thinking about a pachipachio with haste gear on and a 5 hit setup makes me wonder. btw, its sam =) see you in game