Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where did the happiness go?

My blog lately has been a bit... what's a good word for it... let's see... bitter? Angry? A little off kilter? Maybe, maybe not. But hey, insanity gets the blog hits right?

So, in an attempt to get some of the love back into your fucking O's Kote, lets focus on the positive, and think of the bright side of life! Ok, so I am now looking at about 12 million in Imperial Wootz Ingots coming up, because the price has skyrocketed recently. Luckily at least part of this cost is going to be offset by the complete awesomeness that is Ailee! Woot! She has quit/super-long-term breaked, and has let me use her account for the gil on it and for crafting. She is a long time 100 Clothcrafter with a good amount of gil standing around collecting dust. Well, I say, collect dust to more and be free gil! FREE! FLY AWAY and bring me the sweet nectar of Imperial Wootz Ingots! The sad thing is that I don't know the clothcraft market, and I don't even know how to work it. The leathercraft market is much different and a decent profit can be made in semi-consumables, which is where I am making a good portion of my money right now. With clothcrafting, from what I heard from Ailee when she was talking to me about it, it is more like you need to craft a bunch of things and bank on the HQ's. She is now telling me that I can no longer complain about money because I can just use Ailee to make more money. :( This blog is going to get really short really quick if I can't do any complaining about money. LOL

Well, at least I have some place to start, probably have enough in gil to get at least 4 Imperial Wootz ingots, which is already a third of the way to get it completed. I will find out tonight how I am doing on gil. :)


Ailee said...

You could just ask me that too ;)

Kallo Landis said...

Yea! Quit your bitchin'!

If you're nice to certain awesome people, the Khroma Ore Fairy might visit you again. =D