Monday, October 06, 2008

A return to normalcy.

How about a recap? Haven't had one of those in weeks now? And its a good move away from the bomb-throwing of my last and much commented upon entry. :) And by the way, for those that disagreed with me, have you ever thought to consider the fact that you logic can be used to defend and justify the absolutely worst and most gross violations of the game rules and general acceptability because it is the moral equivalent to throwing your hands up in the air and declaring surrender, while my position may condemn a few people that have earned their gil legitimately but doesn't require me to be bedfellows with account thieves and gil-buyers.

Anyway, on with the show.

Ok, lets start with some non-Salvage related stuff. I got some Rostrum Pumps for my WHM, which help to round out my end-game equipment. Even with them though, I feel like my WHM is woefully under prepared for end-game activities even though I have used it for them already. The problem is not in the equipment, it is in my skill levels and my lack of merits. The cure cast time merits are what I feel worst about, because they really seem to be very good for WHM. The point is that I have a long way to go, and I basically can never XP or anything but do events and farm anymore, at least until I get my Usukane Harimaki completed. At least I am doing well at that so far, and I am already about halfway to my first ingot, and I am skilling up my leathercrafting at the same time. ^.^

The next non-Salvage thing was that we did one of the new BC's in the Wings-era beastmen strongholds, in this case La Vaule. I have gone over this before and posted about some of the NM's, but this is the first time we did the BC's. The fight is not that bad, but it can be a bit tough because the boss can use a large damage AoE, and it has an "aura" that gives everyone around it Flash. The "aura" can come and go and it seems like the use of the AoE move leaves when it's "aura" goes away. The drops were pretty marginal outside of this: Iz's new ugly head! LOL It is very nice, and Iz didn't even mean to lot it because he wanted something else but before hand he missed the lot on it and had to pick to lot on the head, and he won it. LOL It is very, very good piece for most jobs. I don't know if I would use it on SAM, because I don't know if the 1 STR is more than the loss in accuracy from using the Shura Kabuto, but it is good for almost every other DD.

I might have mentioned that I need to farm up a bit of gil. LOL I am working on it and it is going well, but in my wanderings in Zi'Tah I found out that there is a rock formation that you can climb up on top of pretty easily and you can fall in between the rocks and get trapped. And then you need your friendly neighborhood GM to get you out. The part that I wish I had gotten a screen shot of was the comment they made about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and then their lament about the fact that they can not make decent jokes because of the strict policies that the GM's have to follow when dealing with players. The comment the GM made about the joke being bad was definitely much more enjoyable than the joke itself. Also, related to farming is the fact that after almost three year of kind of wanting it, I got a Gondo-Shizunori! I know, it's not the top Polearm, and not even the top Polearm for SAM, but I have wanted one for a long time. I don't know when I will be able to unlock it, but I hope it happens eventually. :)

Now, with the non-Salvage things out of the way, lets get down to business. First, thank you to Iz for helping me out with 4 O. Ingots to finish up my Usukane Somen! Thanks a ton Iz! But now everyone else needs O. Ingots including Omoi, Hiryo, Iz and Ninjafox. Omoi needs them now because she just got this: Nice froggie! We got that on one of our best Zhayolm runs we have ever done, killed both froggies and killed the boss with 10 minutes left. It was great! :) Salvage has been a little bit better lately but SSR still sucks. :(

To wrap up, I got to see Elfie a little bit last week and Elfie, being Elfie was able to give me a couple of nuggets for the blog!
I <3 Elfie!


JESS said...

Hey I need o. ings too .... am I chop liver ......

Ring hates meeee /cry


Kallo Landis said...

; ; I miss the Elfie too.

And >.< I miss Salvagables. /cry

Kallo Landis said...

its time for a new post. chop chop.

Ailee said...

Please don't ever bitch about money again.

Thx, Management