Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Univerally good.

So, as you might have noticed dear reader, I am not always on my best behavior. What can I say? I have a tendency to tilt to the extreme and that sometimes garners some kind of support but usually just ends up alienating most everyone. I am perfectly fine with that, because although my opinions may not be universally accepted they are still universally true, and if people want to exist in utter wrongness, well that is their choice. Their bad choice. :) There I did it again. LOL Ok, so I am not always right, but I am at least always well intentioned unlike many people. I believe that I, unlike many people in this game and many people in the real world, can balance the needs of self with the needs of others, and more importantly I can view the world in a balance rather than some kind of evil state of nature where mothers eat their own young out of greed and sheer spite. The problem I have is that this high horse on which I ride can get to be pretty difficult to dismount without quite a big fall. But my problems are mine, and I would much rather be on a high horse than rolling around with swine.

These are the concerns of a know-it-all dork. I feel like I know a lot but what do I really know a lot about? FFXI? LOL The notion that this knowledge has some kind of intrinsic worth in any kind of society is delusional at best, and really that is what separates me from those that I hate so dearly. My self-delusion stops at the water's edge. I have many other but probably equally uninteresting things to alienate people in my real life. LOL The point is that I can point and laugh at myself and how intensely I take the game and other issues. It's the people that can't, and that get so upset that someone has a different opinion than themselves, that are the real source of conflict in the world. These people, (usually Republicans, LOL) are angry not because other people have opinions, but because those opinions disagree with theirs.

What is with this random diatribe? Well, because there are nice people in the world. People like Izman and Omoikitte, who never cause conflicts with other people, who are understanding and helpful to the end, and people who often cause people to get mad at them just because they are who they are... and it those people that resent people like Izman and Omoikitte that make me laugh. I have to wonder how people could become so base and small that they start to resent people because they do not devote their entire lives to helping them. How selfish and twisted do you have to become to blame someone else that helps consistently for not helping even more? There is a bitter end waiting people like that, and you may ask who could become like that? But in the end there are whole strings of people like that, people that refuse to take the lead or help themselves, but in their own self-resentment refocuses that frustration on the least logical but most obvious target. The worst part is the complete disconnect people like this experience, the fact that they can't even clue in on the fact that they are being resentful because of their personal justifications for their own feelings. It's pathetic really. :(

So to people like Izman and Omoikitte, people that stand out for being helpful, friendly and great people, I praise you. And for people like me? Well, you can yell at me instead. :)


JESS said...

Did you leave the "s" out of the title on purpose ?
Maybe it's a trick to see who bitches about the "s" missing.
Maybe its a encrypted message.
Maybe you should stop the production of BrokeBack Meriphataud Mountain 2 (the sequal). Rumor it's a three some of you Iz and the guy in the BurgerKing custome.
Hey I just noticed that Meripo is in Meripataud Mountain.
Soooooo how do you like my comments for today ?


Kallo Landis said...