Friday, April 25, 2008

Jealous of a friend.

Hehehe, congratulations to you Akanea! Can you feel the heat of my burning jealousy? LOL

Perhaps I should preface? Add a little context? Sounds good. Lately drops have been rather meh for Versus. Since Skur got his Macha's Coat there has been little to no dropping, and this weekend just reinforced that when Byakko dropped nothing of worth. Sea had been unfriendly as ever, even included yesterday when a large amount of time was spent on Ix'DRK with no results. But I suppose that an unlucky streak should not deter you from pressing forward with spawning mobs that you need to advance. It was Jailer of Justice today, probably the easiest outside Sea NM besides Love, and probably the worst for drops. Well, you never know what is going to happen really. My lot of course was a 53. :) Akanea won the lot and as soon as it had pooled he had it on! Congrats to Aka! And he will put it to good use too. :) Its our first Justice Torque and our second torque from an outside Jailer. And here is the greatest part Bg called the drop... from the Crawler's Nest! LOL He called it before anyone else in the LS that was in Sea. :) We need more of Bg's calls on things like this. LOL

In other news, I have been working on my SCH again with Omoi and Izman and we had a really good night the other day. We all got to 25 on our respective jobs and our set up actually lets us handle mobs that are well above our level. I think we are going to head out to the Jungle next, take on some Mandies until we can do the worms in N. Gustaberg [S]. I would much prefer SCH as a sub-job for WHM than BLM, but I do need to get both of them to 37 eventually. Too much Salvage in my spare time. LOL

Onto my other project, I know that someone is waiting for the Blue Mage gear, but it is going to have to wait until Monday. :)


Iz said...

Lets make sure Bg is on when we do love ^^

Akanea said...

Dun make fun of my Amemit mantle! I'm too broke for Foragers and I'm too cheap to buy a +1! :P ty for teh torque though <3

BabyDaddy said...

wow that torque is the dogs danglies, congrats Akanea. (^_^)/

Kallo Landis said...

Sweet! More Torques! More Torques!!!

Dthip said...

Akanea i was tempted to lol at the NQ then changed my mind cause its not BG. Grats on the Torque though.