Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being sick does not effect TH.

This is a sad excuse for having horrible TH on Byakko. No Haidate, no D. Legs, no N. Hands, not even E. Feet. Kallo claimed that his sickness was ruining his TH. 2 Byakkos and nothing of interest is pretty orz. Another SSR run and nothing of interest, orz x2. Pirates and giant turtles haunt my dreams! >.<

I think I am going to put off the gear suggestion for our Blue Mage until later. I wanted to make a nice list of the things that I still need to do, because I hope that it will focus me in the days ahead. So, lets see. I need to work on WHM, but this gets put on the back burner a lot for Salvage and other things. I may also pick up RDM and BRD to be more helpful in general and also because they are very quick moving jobs and get fast invites. I would still like to get WHM to 75 but with little spare time and other needs I am afraid it is going to the back burner. I need to do more Campaign. I have almost definitely lost my second to highest rank as of now, and with the potential quality of the gear that is appearing with the Campaign ranks I need to keep that in mind. I would also like to finish up the Wings quests for the starter cities. I want to be prepared for the next update and not just playing catch-up. Lets see what else. Well, I definitely need to go and finish up my MNK and WHM AF. Yes, I know, MNK.

Now, I just need a little spare time to do all of this and not be drawn in by the "let's go merit" call. I love to merit. :)

Since, this isn't much of an update, here are a few pictures to enjoy. I really like the new Wings zones, they are just very well done, and the terrain in them feel so much more realistic than many other zones. Grauberg and Vunkerl Inlet especially. You actually get the feeling that you are running up and down a mountain in Grauberg. It is a very good innovation on SE's part. I also like the rivers in Vunkerl, they actually give the feeling that they are flowing somewhere instead of just plain calm water without movement. To balance out the beauty of it all, here is a Sheep in a Tree. There is a Snakes on a Plane joke in there somewhere, but I am not going to expose it to the light of day.


Kallo Landis said...

Oh, no, no, no. I'm not blaming bad TH on being sick. I'm blaming bad TH and Iz and Ring not showing Kallo love. =P

See, watch...Crlm is nice to Kallo, she got W Legs. =) Ashx5 is nice to Kallo...he got a Torque ^.^

Ring and Iz are meanies to Kallo. So he sits on thier faces. =P That's how TH works.

Crlmsonking said...

You see... better start showing Kallo some love :P

Kallo Landis said...

Fuck Yea Cking!

Crlmsonking said...

Hehehe <3 Kallo ^^

Iz said...

I hope you never get to feeling better Kallo.