Monday, April 28, 2008

On a roll.

I was out of town most of the weekend, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to show for the time that I did spend playing FFXI. Where do I always start? Salvage, of course. Prior to the run, I suggested to Izman that he change to /NIN for this run and that he use Axe and his Joyeuse most of the time except for NM's. Though /SAM gives Iz a bit of selection between offense and defense, /NIN gives Iz more options in weapon selection and gives Iz a lot more defensive potential. Saving MP for the mages is definitely beneficial at all stages of Salvage. On the first two floors on almost all Salvages using a multiple hit weapon greatly increases damage out put because the mobs are all so weak. I have been trying to ease up on our mages lately, because I know that healing two SAM or /SAM people has been pushing them when in most cases they would be much better off with just a little bit of MP stored from shadows cutting the melee damage. Another thing that it does is prevents our pullers from dying. This is something that happens more often than you would think, and is definitely not our pullers fault or really the melee. Going /NIN allows Iz to voke incoming pulls without having to switch back and forth between Seigan and Hasso constantly. The 1 minute timers on these abilities also limits it's usefulness considering the speed of many of the pulls on the higher levels. So, having Iz come /NIN helps the survivability of our pullers, it helps to initially hold the mobs, and it decreases the damage that Iz takes when pulling the mob off of the puller.

So, we tested it out, and things went swimmingly. So we are going to stick with this for now, and we are going to basically move Izman up to main tank and me back to second DD. I don't know what form this will take right now, but for the test last night Iz got Subjob and JA first, I got them second, but I still got equipment first. I think that we will go with Izman taking the full role of main tank for the next run. This keeps things easier to control for lotting cells and doesn't split the focus of the mages. As for the run, we did an Arrapago and did everything we possibly could. 2F QA, 3F QTH, 4F Big Bhoot and QTH, 5F Archaic Chariot and QA, 6F QTH x2 and Armored Chariot. And we actually got a drop! And it was actually a priority for someone one the run! *gasp* Akanea is having a good week from what I can see! Justice Torque and now his 35 for his Usukane legs! It means we get to integrate some Bhaflau into our runs until we get his 25 piece. And that will let us farm some crappy Bees again... orz. :) Anyway, Akanea was quite pleased with the results and had them on as soon as we were out of the run. As for the Armored Chariot, we didn't get anything that stood out as something we needed to complete but still 25's are useful and we aren't losing them at all. The Ea's Body went to Omoi and I got the gote, which was the last piece that I needed to have a complete set of Usukane 25 pieces. Now, I just basically need as couple of 35's and I am done with Usukane. LOL As if it was that easy!

Might be finishing up Rank 10's tonight, I just need to do the King Goldemar one and then I am all done with Assaults. Then and extra tag, free Nyzul Isle ports and constant Red verse Blue spamming. LOL

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Kallo Landis said...

Iz main tank...more...dying? o.o

I miss Salvage an it's been less then a week. ; ; Greats on your Usuakane pieces and what not.

I'll be back soon, so you don't have to worry...more drops when I return ~.^