Monday, March 31, 2008

Everything you know is wrong.

That image you see is the kill shot from a DRG/SAM on Armored Chariot on a six-man Arrapago Remnants run. The party set up was MNK, DRG, THF, RDM, WHM, BRD. Hehehe, I got to co-tank on DRG/SAM for an Arrapago Remnants run, and we killed every NM except for the Bhoot/Soulflayer, that includes the 2 QQTH on the sixth floor. I have to admit that I didn't know if we could have spawned the QQTH when we zoned up but we were definitely going to try. And I wasn't timing but I don't even think we got that close. I think there is a simple reason behind this, and that is a DRG that is going all out can do amazing damage in Salvage and in general. Things have changed for DRG now, and I think that they are now a top-tier DD and when I say top-tier I don't mean they are on par with the other top DD jobs, I am saying that they are on the top-tier. I think that SAM is probably the strongest straight DD in the game right now, but right after then is DRG. Of course people will disagree, but I think this has to do with over-long hubris that some jobs have had because DRG was so weak for so long. Omoikitte is very well merited, but definitely does not have a complete DD set-up for her DRG yet because of her natural tendency to pass on literally every piece of gear that comes our way. She only has one piece of Homam, still TP's in Barone pants and an Assault Jerkin, and even with this I was still able to co-tank the run and co-tank the boss even with a messy pull in which the BRD and RDM both accidentally died. I do think that hate was mostly on our MNK for at least some part of the run because I did Super Jump to save my ass once. I did end up dying twice on the run, the first time was my fault because on the third floor QQTH I used Hasso and switched over to Seigan too slowly and then only found out that my Third Eye macro had a problem right before I was Triple Attacked to death. The second death was just because I was Fazed on the fifth floor QQA and then got to eat a nice Blizzard 4 right before the QQA died. Even with these deaths we still ran the whole zone and all the NM's and we didn't even get one head gear cell. :)

So, I think it may be time to reevaluate DRG completely. Attack traits, Accuracy traits, 6 hit build or at least able to cheat to a 6 hit build, much better equipment recently, evasion and defense down procs. I am not saying that DRG will win out in every case, but I am saying that its versatility, quick TP gain and overall damage output place it much higher than it once was and it is even taking me by surprise. I had no idea that DRG would be capable of doing so well, but it does. And there you have it.

In other Salvage notes, I don't think that we will be going into Silver Sea Remnants on Windsday or Iceday again. I don't know what was up with the zone but all of the Fomor seemed to be hitting harder but more importantly then had massive TP regain of some kind. I don't know if it had to do with going in on Windsday (I doubt) or the fact that we were fighting them on Iceday (more likely) but I suspect that the Fomor in the Aht Urhgan areas have the same effects on Iceday as the fire-based Eruca have on Firesday or the Puks have on Windsday. It is a land that is very much dictated by the weather. Well, the run was ok, but we were taking tons of damage and the Fomor were using TP moves on the pull, which is problematic for pulling in general. With Rakuen, we did a 6 man SSR run for which I got to go on Omoi as WHM. I don't think I have let anyone die yet while going as Omoi, so I hope I am doing ok. We got Skadi 35 hands to drop from that run which were pretty amazingly almost free lot for them, we also got to do Long-Armed Chariot with 6 people which was pretty silly when it managed to charm everyone and we just sat there and stared at it for a while. Also, I got charmed pretty early in one of its Brainjacks and got to chase around Blaize for a while. Finally, on our most recent Zhayolm run, we finally got a frog to drop something nice! Ares's 35 feet, which was won by Jess, again. :) Jess has been winning quite a few lots on gear from Salvage lately so sadly I am going to have to move him to the back of the line for gear as there are others the have been waiting just as long or longer and come to every run. But for now, Jess gets a huge congrats on his new Demios's Leggings!

I finally got to put some time into leveling WHM even though it made Izman want to stab me! :) Up to 55 and a little less than half way to 56, but I am at that stupid wall again where I can't go any farther because my BLM is gimp and I can't level SCH until Omoi gets back. I think the next time I get out the BLM it will be to get it to 37 and never look back, then I will start leveling RDM to 37 around the same time that I am going to be leveling SCH with Izman and Omoi. BRD has to fit in there somewhere but I have hope that my WHM will be able to get to 75 fast enough that my own internal pressure to level it more quickly over takes me. As for the reason that Izman wanted to stab me? Well, I got that nice party invite right as I was finally starting my WHM AF quests and he was going to help me with it. So as he got all ready to do so, I ditched him. Yeah, I probably deserve any face stabbing that I get. ^.^

Well, last night a couple of us got together to get Ninjafox some panties from the Sacrarium. He had a whole list of panties that he wanted and we did manage to get his THF ones which were the highest priority, and then we got another set or two, but I don't remember exactly which ones they were. While we were doing this Iz got a Fomor Codex from a Taurus and we popped Balor in hopes of getting Skur a Swift Belt because he previous luck on the drop was pretty bad.
And we finally got some luck for him! Congrats to Skur on finally getting a Swift Belt and rounding out his THF and his almost 75 NIN. :)


With much luv said...

I still hate you bish! Iz.

Omoikitte said...

There is something quite surreal about seeing ss of yourself, and knowing it wasn't you.

JESS said...

The RingMo rides again !
And he was giving away froo Gil from your account O.o

EvilRingThree said...

I wuz here .....