Friday, March 28, 2008

Vague yet interesting.

So what is my motivation to start farming and leveling a craft all of a sudden? Well, it could be that I really have no source of income in general and barely able to come up with the gil to buy the food I need to XP and do events. It could be that I am looking forward to buying those last few pieces of gear that I need to round out myself out. It could be that I need the gil to outfit the other jobs that I have been neglecting like my WAR and my DRG, which have become much more powerful considering the two-handed update. It could be that it is always nice to have a fall back plan for when you might run into a good deal on something you have always wanted. Or it could be something else...

Wet the appetite? Intrigued? Well, thats all you get for now, because I don't know how well our little plan is going to do, or how far it may travel, but so far so good. As a side note, I am quite surprised how easy it is to make gil relatively quickly. I think that most people hope for the big score or the gold mine when they are thinking of making gil, but if you aim a little lower and consider time invested versus gil reward you can make a lot more gil doing something consistent rather than trying to get lucky. A lot of the things that people used to do to farm for gil are available again because of the destruction of the RMT. I really think that the economy is rebalanced but people are acting like it is still falling. Once people start to act like the economy is improving then we will all start to make more gil. SE can really help this by creating new recipes for items that are potential side grades of current gil that utilize current crafting materials not new materials. Or have new recipes that integrate new and old materials. The best way to do side grades is to do things like Askar and Ares' where they do not have certain things that other gear does, like accuracy, but have more of something that is beneficial like attack and STR on Ares or Double Attack and Store TP on Askar. There are a bunch of slots that more could be done with also, like ranged and the grip slot. Also perhaps its time for something for MNKs grip slot. :)

Anyway, this weekend should be pretty lax, I am going to spend some time working on WHM and BRD, and cleaning out my mog house. Things I can't do on normal days when I am very busy with events and such. I need to use time very efficiently this weekend to get done everything I want to get done, but we will see how well I actually use the time.

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