Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Change of faith.

I think that it is time for me to say this, and I have been thinking about it for a long time. I almost feel like I have been dishonest up to this point to my friends in the game and to the member of Versus. I don't know why I have been holding back on this for so long, but it's finally time to let people know.

I have stopped paying for my FFXI and I am going to start playing World of Warcraft.

There are a couple of reasons for this, but first I need to apologize to a couple of people for not telling them sooner. Omoi, I just don't have the attachment to the Final Fantasy series that you have, I want more from an MMO than just the same runs over and over. Ninjafox, I know you will do well on the secret project, it is starting off great and it will move Izman up faster. Izman, honestly, I think you are the part of the reason that I am leaving. Last night was the straw that broke the camels back, your claim that there was a "tornado" just so that you could log off in the middle of the run! I can't take the lies anymore. Hellzfury, I would have told you why I was leaving on vent but you are never on it. Potpressure, I just can't take how mean you are to everyone, it bothered me for a long time and now that I am leaving I finally have the guts to say it. The way you talk behind everyone's backs and lie to everyone is just to get yourself more gear.

I guess that was less of an apology and more of an explanation. I really don't need to apologize to anyone for this decision, it is just the game that I want to play. I should play what makes me happy, and I shouldn't have to justify it. But I will anyway, because this is my blog and I can do that.

Gameplay: WoW dominates here. There is so much more customization in player set-up and build, there is so much less worrying about gear. You should be able to choose what abilities you want to use and what you are capable no matter what the job. Gear shouldn't be the sole determination of how you play the game. FFXI has such limited differentiation between end-game abilities while WoW has so many options.

Gear: WoW kills FFXI here. You raid without having to worry about competition, drops aren't insanely rare and you will eventually get what you want and need. Progress is the name of the game, and instead of worrying about gear that is years old, WoW gets to the point quickly and with fun raids instead of standing around for hours.

Graphics: Again a clear win for WoW. Sure FFXI is more "realistic" but come on, its a video game, I want something that is going to take advantage of my computer instead of a game that takes advantage of 10 year-old console software. Also the color palette for WoW is so much larger than FFXI which is basically all some variation of grey, green and brown. Race visual variation is much more impressive and the emotes are just a copy of the recent job the producers just made.

Player-developer communication: With FFXI we don't know what the fuck is coming down the pipe, with WoW I will be able to know what changes are coming, and I will be able to actually TEST them and ADJUST to them before the changes happen on the main server. Not only that but they actually give the players what they want rather than ignoring them for years then finally giving us some kind of half-assed in between.

Raiding: This is the real reason I am changing. Raids are so much more fun than 99% of FFXI content. I have told you guys over and over that I love Salvage, it's a challenge and we get to do it without worrying about other retards ruining it for us. I want fun and challenging content, repeatable but not boring. There is very little of this in FFXI, and so much more for me in WoW.

PvP: Lets get real here for a moment. WoW has PvP and FFXI doesn't. The crap that FFXI calls PvP is just a little game that you can't really do anything with. Now, I know that I have said I hate PvP in the past, but its time to fess up, I have really come around on this. What good is gear if you can't use it against other players? WoW's PvP is like a whole new game to play when I am not raiding.

And thats it. I am done with FFXI, and I am going to play WoW from now on. Good bye Ringthree and hello to my new female Blood Elf Rogue called Endofring, on the Zuluhed server. I will be starting a raiding guild there right now and I know that a bunch of you feel like me, so its time to give up on your old obsession and move up to a real game. Go sign up right now!



Anonymous said...

You all said it couldn't be done.
Yet I am victoriuos !

HUH ???????????

Wait what's THIS ????

you have tricked me.
It is April Fools Day and you have fooled me.

I will have my VENGENCE !!!!!

Be for-warned RingThree for there will be a day when you will fall down and I will be there to laugh at you like this...



Kallo said...

Oh, what Tom Foolery. You're just a funny little pointy ear. =P

Iz said...

OMFG you got me you SOB!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ring, wth?
I just created a char on Zuluhed too and still don't see anyone named "Endofring" yet. I'll keep refreshing the searches every 30 seconds until I see you. I wanna join your new guild!!!1!!

BTW, when I called up POL to cancel my FFXI account a lil while ago, I mentioned that you were leaving. They said this now signifies the beginning of the end of FFXI so they're just gonna throw the hat in and start shutting down all servers tonight.

Oh well. It was {fun} while it lasted. ^^


Hellzfury said...

Dibs on your stuff

iceblazek said...