Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good luck, bad luck and Ash luck.

Some people call it karma and some people call it self-fulfilling prophecy, but sometimes when things go bad for a while you can almost anticipate that something will go wrong. Ashhhhh has been struggling a little bit recently, Omega has been greedy with his heart and Ashhhhh is next in line for it. It's like Izman and Kirin's relationship. They are both next in line for the best but the rarest drop so they actually lose out on gear to other people. It sucks, but when it does finally drop I know that both of them will be incredibly pleased. Until then, it starts to feel like the world is against you. Which leads us to yesterday. We did Alastor Antlion for some Rostrum Pumps, the first one was no real problem, neither was the last one. The second one was Ashhhhh's and as he predicted before the run, it was time for some Ash luck.
On this one of course, it takes forever for the Feeler to spawn anything, then three quick Executioners in a row, then Alastor, then right before it's killed another Executioner. Things started to look a little bleak at this point. We pulled Alastor away from the spawn point, and kited it. People sac pulled the Executioners away from Alastor and the rest of the alliance did what they could to kill the Executioners but it ended up with a semi-wipe. Things looked really bleak, but we were not going to give up, especially because I was fearing for Ash's sanity. LOL So we kited and slowly got everyone back up and finally killed Alastor, netting Ash a new sexy pair of Rostrum Pumps! I was very happy to see Ash in a better mood after getting these and especially because he predicted that things were going to go wrong. LOL

Outside of that it was a calm day, nothing much of importance. Tonight will be the same, tomorrow though might be a little more interesting though.

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