Thursday, January 10, 2008

The waiting game.

Just as I predicted yesterday really didn't amount to much of anything. I did get to hang around with Omoi, Iz and Hellz which was nice, and we got some much needed farming done, even made a little gilz. LOL Anyway, the farming is good for our gil supply, but I can't keep up with the gil that Omoi makes. :) I am going to farm for a new set of Dusk Gloves, then save for something bigger. Anyway, while messing around and farming we killed that stupid sheep NM in the mire, after it messed with us and killed me a bunch. Then when we decided to move and farm something else, something strange happened on the way to the staging point. Iz was on BST and as he zoned the sheep that he had claimed went unclaimed and Omoi and Hellz killed it, and right after, it popped up inside the staging point charmed by Iz again. o.o; So we played with it for a while then I got to kill it!
That was a pretty boring day, but I have something to talk about today to fill in the gap. Prior to the two handed update I was equally interesting in NIN, SAM and MNK, because they were relatively equal in power and capability, but now with the two-handed update I have found that I have been on NIN pretty much solely for tanking events only and one XP party. This got me to thinking, am I holding back my SAM which is a more capable DD just to maintain my NIN which will never really be able to keep up? And I am moving more and more toward the idea that I should marginalize my NIN slightly to greatly improve my SAM.

There are basically three factors involved in this decision:
*NIN while a very good DD and XP tank is not the elite DD it was before the two-handed update. Ultimately, the thing that convinces me of this the most is the fact that I need to use Sushi on my NIN while MNK and SAM doesn't. Now, of course I could use meat on my NIN, but I don't think that is a good idea. Either I will have to give up haste to get more accuracy (which I am loathe to do) or I just take a pretty large accuracy hit and give up some slots that I use for other things for more accuracy where I can.
*SAM and NIN have two very important pieces of gear that are mutually exclusive, Suppanomimi and Bushinomimi. The Suppanomimi is probably better in general than the Bushinomimi for pure DD purposes, but since I have MNK and SAM now, NIN is now my third best DD job. Since that is the case, the Bushinomimi would make a lot of difference for my SAM and losing the Suppanomimi wouldn't change my NIN's position on the list while the Bushinomimi would boost my STR for WS, increase my base Great Katana skill thusly increasing my accuracy and attack, and it would replace one of the worst slots I have on left on my SAM.
*Bumping up my GKT merits to 8 and losing 4 of my Katana merits. As I mentioned I have always used Sushi on my NIN so pulling out my Katana merits are going to mean a lot less than the increase in GKT merits where I will almost always be using meat.

Does this mean that I love my NIN any less? No, not at all. I will still be tanking on my NIN a lot but I do recognize the fact that my NIN is not as capable of being a DD as my MNK or SAM and that trying to make all three the best places limits on my SAM preventing it from being even more powerful. More thoughts on this tomorrow.


Glacian said...

Bushinomimi is by far the best earring samurai can use. But compared to Supponomimi, you have to be willing to sacrifice the extra dual wield trait for any of your other jobs. Which means you hurt your war, nin, and any other future dual weilding job you choose to level.

Bushinomimi really is a samurai earring, SE might as well have made it SAM only. What other job would really want the +5 great katana skill and +5 parrying skill AND +2 strength more than samurai. Yeah, +2 strength is good for other jobs, and if you're crazy about great katana on ninja, ok, but there are much better earrings out there for those jobs.

Now am I saying Ring shouldn't get Bushinomimi? No way! His samurai is very well equipped and a Bushinomimi will only make it better. I'm just pointing out it is a big sacrifice from his ninja (as he knows). I'm some what in the same boat as he is with my SAM, MNK, and NIN being my main focused jobs. However, I've always put SAM first, MNK and NIN second. Ring has always been NIN fist, and SAM and MNK second.

Anyways, enough of my rambling> If Ring decides to switch to Bushinomimi, welcome to the hardcore samurai's club. ^^

Glacian said...

Oh yeah, also forgot. Nice thing about samurai is you can eat sushi and not have to worry about attack because sole sushi has 2 of the best stats a samurai can want. . . Accuracy AND strength. ^^ No need to worry about attack food like you do on monk and ninja. All your damage from samurai is going to be from the high damage weapon skills.

BG said...

Can you choose a new earring now? I always thought Ring had a Supp.

And if not and you're just choosing you're first DM earring then a lul n00b finish ZM already is in order.

glacian said...

Yup BG, SE changed it so you can change which earring you want. You can drop your current earring and do a quest that allows you to redo DM and pick another earring.