Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blah, I vant to suck your blood! Vampire jokes always slay!

Ok, comedy is definitely not my forté.

We did the first of three Omega's last night, which is all part of a big week for Versus, culminating in our first Jailer of Love this weekend. We got a head and legs last night which went to Tco, and Crlmsonking respectively.
Monday was light outside of that. I mean Omega takes less than 10 minutes now, and that includes buffing time inside. Last night we spent more time waiting for Sholo to come back from DCing than we did actually fighting Omega. I know that Omoi will never actually go for this but it might be time to consider farming the gunpods. I do understand that caution is the better part of valor, but we are definitely not in the same position that we were in when we first started. We have an amazing group of very well experienced players to draw from for these fights. The real problem that we are having is that we can't kill enough Omega's to keep up with demand on the items. This really sucks because even if we increase the amount of time we spend farming we still can only do two Omega's a week. It's the nature of Limbus, but still annoying. On a happier/sadder note, I got a bit of cuddle time with Coejus before Limbus and Dockrpto showed up! That was nice, but sadly he was just on to say good bye and shut down his account permanently. :( He hadn't been on in a long time anyway, but it was sad to see him say he was leaving for good.

After Limbus we did some pretty successful Assaults, got people a lot of points and Glacian even got his P. Head (not sure exactly why he wants it, LOL, but he does really love his full sets of gear, full AF+1 and full AF2 for SAM for example). More importantly though we tried Bloody Rondo for the first time, and man it was fun! I accidentally came as NIN/DRK (from Limbus) which actually turned out to be pretty good for the fight. I mostly kept hate, although Jess did manage to steal it from me at time, and it let us have an extra stun. With a BRD and a RDM it wasn't that bad on my MP even in DD gear. Man, I can't emphasize enough how fun that fight was. It was tough but not overwhelming, pretty much perfectly balanced. They only real prep that we needed was to make sure that I had some Holy Waters to deal with Eternal Damnation. Even Dracula's model was cool. His moves were strong but no real one-shotters, and some of them were downright cool. The Cursed Doppleganger was cool, and it was weird seeing myself die at my own feet. LOL And watching Myrrial and Jess, then myself, turned into bats was hilarious. It took a little bit of work but handled it in stride even when three of us were in bat form and Omoi had to kite everyone! LOL Didn't get any good appraisals (never do) but I am now 1/5 on my way to get Captain rank. I would like to get at least two more of them out of the way on Friday, then two more again on Monday. Until then looking forward to Salvage tonight, depending on how many people we get we will either do Arrapago or Silver Seas farming or we might try Long-Armed Chariot.

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Glac said...

"Glacian even got his P. Head (not sure exactly why he wants it, LOL, but he does really love his full sets of gear, full AF+1 and full AF2 for SAM for example)"

Weeeeee, my shameless 2 sentences of fame. LOL. Yes, I do like my full sets of armor. I'm up to 7 full sets of armor, working on another 4 sets (one of which I'm not too far off). ^^