Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Covered in... Wasps?

Where did I go, you ask? Well, work and work. They had me pinned down with no way out. I had to succumb to their wily schemes. But lets she what I can get done with today.

Lots and lots of Salvage.

We have been mostly doing SSR and Bhaflau. After last night, we now have three or four pieces that can be upgraded from LAC, if it would drop anything besides Ares's hands and Usukane feet. Or if we could actually see an NM besides the Gate Widow, and even that is rare. Never seen a Skirmish Pephredo, Never seen a Zebra Zachery. Frustrating to say the least. We did have a run were an accidental DoT killed one of the Archaic Gears on the third floor of Bhaflau which lead us to try the boss with 6 people un-nerfed, and we got it to 27% before timing out. It was actually pretty fun. But in the end, the drop rates or spawn rates of NM's is so bad that it does get to be a bit overwhelming. And considering the fact that some of the people that need more gear are EU and can't make all of the late night runs it gets to be even more complicated when planning runs and trying to complete some of the pieces. Still only two completed pieces in total, but we have had so many different 25's and 35's floating around that we will inevitably be able to get some of those pieces completed. I want to next move onto Zhayolm Remnats, where we can finish up another piece if we get the right drop from the Boss. I also want to finish the BGWiki Salvage page. I only have to finish up the Zhayolm Remnants description, but with work that may take a while. Then Omoi and I can finish up the maps, and the pages will mostly be completed.

Outside of Salvage, things have been pretty regular. We did KS99 Wyrm and didn't get much besides a Juggernaut which, of course, Elfie got because he is so freaking lucky. But we did get three or four Wyrm Beards for our MNK's! The cut was pretty low and I think we in general got pretty yucky synth materials, but if we can get a couple of Black Belts in Versus that would be sweet.

I have also been spending some free time in Campaign building up my rank and getting some XP on WHM. I just don't want to have happen what happened with Assault, where I was rank 2 when they finally released the Perdu Blade and I had to rank up as fast as I could. Although our Assault group is actually very nice right now, I could have started it way before and people would already have all the gear that they need. I have enough points to get all of the Yigit gear that I need for WHM and still do Salvage, just because I have been doing Assault rather consistently for so long. I want that to be the case with Campaign.

This is just the beginning of my triumphant return, I want to talk about the game in general tomorrow. Interests people have, and my new favorite blog to read, and I highly doubt that blogger even knows why I respect their blog so much. See you, tomorrow with more fun!

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