Monday, January 28, 2008

Inversely proportional.

Jailer of Love is just a long, boring fight. It's not that difficult and if people stay aware and you have a good puller, you really don't have to do much. After the first 9 waves of summons were killed and the regen is broken, its just time taken to bring it down, there is very little that can go wrong. The worst possible situation happened to us, where a tank got hit with an Astral Flow right after a -ga, which caused some draw-ins, a TP move and one tank for a couple of minutes, but even with that it wasn't really an issue. A melee may pull hit and get one-shotted but that is not really a concern if they remember to not run away. All we really did was to just put some melee on it and slowly but surely take it down. Being that I am me, I did manage to get killed something like three times in the space of 5 minutes. I got one-shotted by a boosted melee attack, got raised, immidiately got poisonaga'd and didn't get cured in time, got raised and rather numbly ran out of range by running by the tanks and was killed by a JoL Waterga. /sigh. We took the fight nice and slow, and out prep time took almost as long as the hour and a half that it took to kill it. LOL I would have to say that the main alliance is pretty much irrelevant to the fight. If everyone does their job, then basically it's pretty hard to have anything go wrong. Killing the summons is the real place that things can go wrong, but we have good BLM's that generally pay attention and an amazing puller in Crlmsonking. Riddarran came to help out with tanking the first half of the fight because he had great experience with JoL and he set our tanks in the right place so that they did not get drawn-in or get hit with TP moves. He did also mention about half way through the fight that we didn't have a THF for TH, LOL. Honestly, we hardly ever do, we don't have a lot of THF's in general in Versus, and those we do have come as something else usually. We just in general just suck up the drops we get, and this may explain our pretty bad drops! In this case, we just sent Ninjafox to switch to THF, but some of his THF gear was muled, so he showed up in this: LOL But our placebo TH failed us again. :( We did get a Novia which went to Potpressure, who at times needs it pretty badly LOL and the Love Halberd went to Hellz which is awesome for him because he hardly gets any gear and I like to see him getting his fair share! Still no torques from anything in Sea so far, but we do have a huge amount of pop sets for the first tier Jailers and have been decently lucky on Ix mobs so far. So hopefully Sea will give us something soon! To wrap up our first Jailer of Love experience we brought in our resident french uber-mage: We were quite proud of our experience and win against Jailer of Love, almost all of us looking at the treasure pool when someone on vent said "It's up." LOL And I didn't even know what they meant, until I looked back from the treasure pool and saw a rather largish looking Aern. And the fun began, people ran, people warped, people tried to fight it. In the end, AV deaggroed and was heading back to it's start point when Lucella flashed it again and the silliness started all over again. It was fun while it lasted even though it didn't really last that long. :)

I was gone for the weekend, but I did get back in time to do Salvage last night, and it went even better than it did last time. We did Hammerblow, Dekka, Gyroscopic Gear and Long-Armed Chariot. None of the NM's dropped anything of course, and Long-Armed Chariot had the same drops as it did last time. The best part was that we were able to it all and still had over 10 minutes left, so next time I think we are going to take a different route after killing Gyroscopic Gear and try to take down Gyroscopic Gears and then Citadel Chelonian before we do the boss. It may take a run or two to get the timing down, but I think it is totally possible with our group. In the mean time we are going to do some Bhaflau farming and then we are going to try out some new Zhayolm and finally try Arrapago Remnants for the win. I think it is funny that after all this time, I come to find out that LBC is the hardest boss by far, and now that we have a new approach the other bosses should be a breeze and we should be worrying about 35 gear and not 25. The way it should be.

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JESS said...

Hey you forgot putting that I passed on my turn to Lot the Novia earring to Pot. You promised m name was gonna get some Blog air time and celebrity status..... ><

All joking aside what I was really looking for was you to highlight how our LS (more then alot of others) will think of their fellow members instead of having a everyone out for them selves atitude. This is the one thing I really like about this LS.
Another example of that is how we all know Omoikitte wants that Love Torque but she completely waved her right to lot and let Hellz have sole Lotting rights. Too bad it didn't drop.