Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Putting out?

Oh, am I supposed to post something here? LOL

Anyway, it's just going to be a recap day because I don't have a lot of time, but I do have a lot of pictures. Lets start at the beginning, and the beginning for me is always Salvage. What do you do when you get to your third Reactionary Rampart, you only have 3 DD's and Zebra Zachery pops with 3 minutes left? You have your awesome Elfie kite 4 Colibri and kill ZZ as fast as freaking possible! LOL Now, the crazy thing is that we got 5 Gate Widows from the first Rampart, but even with TH3 we only got one drop, which went to Skurlover. Of course on the second Rampart we only got lolbees but this was the first time I had even seen an NM besides a Gate Widow, and amazingly, it put out! Omoi got the 35 hands to go with her 25 from LAC and that set up a Zhayolm run which I will go over tomorrow! :)

Speaking of LAC, we did a smaller run with 7 people, killed 3 NM's and the boss. This didn't leave us with very much time at all. LOL Jess got the Freyr's Mask on accident because he was trying to pass with 10 seconds left, but what really mattered was the hands, as no one there wanted the Mask, and I only lotted it because I had a job that could use it, even though I don't think I will ever make it because of the cost and the little use it would have for me.

In other Salvage notes here are EP's sweet Macha's Cuffs, bringing our total to 4 (Skur, EP, Crlmson and Achi [who isn't playing right now :(]) just waiting for them to drop from the Long-Armed Chariot. I now need some lolbee's to give me my feetsies for my Usukane set.

Results from other events include an Ultima win with Omoi getting Nashira Elf Shoes, a Jailer of Temperance that of course didn't drop a torque, >.< and like my 3rd decent drop from Assault ever...
We also headed out to Sea to get some Euvhi organs for Omoi's Relaxing Earring and in about an hour and a half we got 6 of the organs to drop which, from what I understand, is an amazing drop rate.
Finally, there are times that its nice to run around with a WHM with you all the time. That was a close call. LOL

I just found this funny, Iz has crab on a stick!

More, better stuff tomorrow, I swear! I actually have something to rant about. :)


JESS said...

That Freyr's Head should have been yours Ringthree......... but unfortunetly with the chain of events in mere seconds of timing:
1)you saying free lot
2)I was getting raised
3)10 seconds left message appeard
4)and I way to excited that it was a Ares's head pc ....

| |
| signed -JESS |

(even thought It's not even the right name ><)

You have RNG-75 and even though I think you are looking at the SAM gear and you are not a greedy person I think you should have said "Ring lot".

I know it's no big deal do to the
curcumstances and because of the timing we could have lost both items...... I still feel I owe you one. It's no Freyr's Head pc but it's a start ;P

Signed your friend -JESS

P.S. don't forget to clip the coupon.

JESS said...

......LOL dammit the dam BLOG script management program messed up my coupon's shape ><

Crlmsonking said...

Not that it's particularly interesting, but I wondered if you wanted to add me into your list?^^