Monday, January 07, 2008

Omoi saves! The rest of you take 8d10 damage.

Well, that may have been a nice break for you, but definitely not for me. But on with the show. Don't know really where to start so I will just start with the biggest thing first. I got a Black Belt. More like, Omoi got me a Black Belt. The conditions for which are actually quite hilarious at times, but mostly just cool. She worked with some friend in BBQ to get the items, mostly nefariously and with great subterfuge. LOL I must say I didn't even know about it most of the time, and she could have done it almost without my knowledge if Versus people hadn't spied her in some HNM camps with me and wondered what she was doing. She got the first two items without my knowledge basically. She got the Behemoth Tongue helping BBQ kill a King Behemoth and the Wyrm Beard from Nidhogg that again she assisted BBQ to kill. A large portion of the BBQ members where really great about helping her to get the items for me, and I really appreciate what they did. You can tell how much Omoi is liked in general when you can see the general acceptance of her just about anywhere, even in a competitive place like an HNM camp. The final item is the funniest part though, the Adamantoise Egg. For this Omoi camped it herself, but as no one wants to kill poor Adamantoise, it popped and no one was there to kill it, so she called out Samuraisoldier, Potpressure and Eternalpain and they all killed it together. Apparently, on the initial pull there was a comedy of errors, but in the end they killed it and it dropped the egg! Incredibly luckily. :) With all this done, I was able to get my Black Belt! Before that though, I would like state my great appreciation for everyone that helped: Omoikitte obviously, for being super-awesome in general, and in this case for going beyond reason and sanity to do something incredibly nice for me; Samuraisoldier, Potpressure and Eternalpain for helping Omoi and keeping this under wraps for so long; Zelgades for helping Omoi in general, and putting himself out quite a bit to assist her, and for doing a great job solo tanking Nidhogg for a while there; Vagus and the rest of the BBQ LS that let me lot on the pieces, I really do appreciate it especially considering it was a favor to Omoi to even let her get me in to lot the items (even though I wasn't there for half the pieces, LOL). To everyone that helped and assisted in anyway I really appreciate it! With my three items and very little time before I left for my trip for work, I headed over to the Tenshodo to do some item trading and some world traveling. I talked to the requisite people and traded the requisite items and then when I was trading the last item to the door I managed to some how kill all of the USB ports on my computer... o.o; I ended up having to restart in the middle of the CS, fearing that I had lost the item. :( But in the end after I got back on after a hard restart of my computer every thing was fine, the CS ended and I traded my Brown Belt for a spiffy new Black Belt! I am so pleased, hehehe! I punch things super hard and super fast now! I am giddy just thinking about it right now. I must have thanked everyone that helped especially Zelgades and Omoi at least a 1000 times! I could go on and on... but on with the show.

So, what is the first thing that a person gets a Black Belt does? Level WHM of course! I actually am finally starting to like WHM, but the problem I had for the longest time is that it is not engaging enough, and I would find my mind wandering, so I ended up acting like a RDM half the time. LOL The only problem is that after about level 27 none of my enfeebles would land on anything, and that sucked until I got Erase which at least let me do something while I was waiting for someone to take more damage. The march to 37 got pretty slow at the end, but I did get it. Now, the reason for picking up WHM again? Well, there is that promise to level RDM, but for now, the real reason is to level SCH, which I just unlocked and got to level 8. Omoi, Izman and I got to level a little bit together... it wasn't pretty. Subligars were flying, back handing sheep, moogle hats galore. All I can say is that I had pants on for the entirety, and this is what Izman had to say: Anyway... LOL Now for some wrap up and some weirdness. First, I wanted to show the picture of Ninjafox's new Skadi feet. Next, right before I left for my trip, a couple of us did a little bit of exploring in the new zones, and I found this interest shot in Grauberg. The Crag of Dem can be seen in the distance, and the interesting thing is that there is a blocked path there. Perhaps we will get Konstacht Highlands in the past? Who knows, but I knew there were reports of being able to see the Crags in the new zones, but I didn't know there was a blocked path between them. Third, a game glitch or have the Enkidu even invaded the skys under Tu'Lia? The Enkidu conspiracy begins! Finally, I got a shot of the most elusive NM in the entire game, only witnessed once and I have the only screenshot of it ever taken! We tried to take it down up it wiped us in an instant! Fear the mighty Buttersheep! See you tomorrow.

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