Friday, November 30, 2007

I will not be blackmailed! (Monday Update)

Work was too much for me on Friday and I had to go to a friends after work so no time to work on this. Sorry about that but real life comes first.

Now, lets talk about Dancer. The first question is why is that little girl doing in an area that I am, as a 75 NIN, very careful roaming around because of the nasty things in old Jugner. LOL Anyway, Dancer... It rocks, and at 15 I am having no problem soloing Tough mobs in the Dunes. I actually got to 16 pretty quickly in a pick-up NIN, SCH, DNC group. I have spent a bunch of money getting better gear for Dancer, but it looks like its just a bunch of stuff that I will be hanging onto for a while and with DNC being new a couple of items that shouldn't be that expensive have turned but in price a little bit like the Battle Gloves. I like using Hand-to-Hand for now, but I am really eager to switch over to Daggers because I think they will it faster, and honestly, its not really about killing faster on DNC its about hitting more often because of the Drain procs. Curing Waltz is pretty amazing, incredibly cheap Cure II, and its party targetable, also the neat thing about it is that even though the animation for it is quite long, the cure goes off as soon as the animation starts and I can still attack during the animation. So even though it looks like I am just spaming Curing Waltz I am still hitting and doing damage. I just need 4 more levels then I get the first debuff and I get to test it out.
I have been looking over gear for Dancer and I think that some people may be missing the point of the Dancer. People are already looking at WS gear and the such, but I will be looking for all Accuracy gear, as hitting for any amount of damage is fine, because you are just looking to get to the next bit of TP to be able to spend it. And my second priority will be a full CHR set, because it looks like the calculations for Curing Waltz is something like Cure but not exactly, and I don't know if it is capped like Cure is capped. So far the formula looks something like this (CasterCHR + TargetVIT)/X+Y = Cure power. CasterCHR and TargetVIT are pretty obvious, respectively the Dancers CHR stat and the target of the waltz's VIT. X is a divisor that is applied differently to each of the Curing Waltzes. Y is a static number that is the basis for the Cure. If this is the case then Dancers actually have a greater ability to affect their Cures through direct stat changes than say a RDM or WHM. After that I will of course make a WS gear set but in reality as of right now, it looks like the end-game gear for DNC will be some combo of Dusk, Denali and Pahluwan. Haste will definitely be nice when they are made available, but until then I think the way to go will definitely be accuracy. And I will be the first to say this, but Haste may not be as good as I think most people think it will be for DNC. Now, don't get me wrong because depending on your accuracy you may not need all the accuracy from a full accuracy set, but in the end Haste will effect less of what is important to a DNC than Accuracy will. Now, I am going to go ahead and assume that all DNC's will be using Sushi, this is because hitting hard is pretty useless for DNC when they are using their TP for other things than damage. If this Accuracy from Sushi is enough for them to gain TP fast enough for them to do what they need to do then its no problem to add more haste for accuracy, but it begs the question of why you need more haste to get more TP when you are already getting TP fast enough. Since, you are not trying to get to the next WS, but instead just trying to get TP fast enough to spend it on a debuff or something like that then you are at best looking for a balance between Accuracy and Haste. Sure, shadow recast is something to consider, but honestly thats about it because everything else that is important to DNC is a job ability so Haste will have no effect on it. It also depends on your situation and what you are doing. DNC will be of very limited effect in places that have Amnesia like the Mire and could have problem in a place like Bird camps if the mobs there are constantly stealing their food. In a place like the latter situation it may be important to have a large amount of accuracy gear. On HNM's and the like though, it will almost definitely be the most important to forgo haste and pretty much everything else for Accuracy. Another interesting note is that DNC will need to us Eye Drops in much the same way that mages use Echo Drops. :) Anyway, I will come up with an end-game list of gear that I will be using when I get there, just to give everyone an idea of what I am looking at.

There is your wall of text on Dancer. And PB I beat you to the punch! Ring dancing in a subligar! WOOT! And here is a picture of the incredibly cute PB as Dancer!
Since these are older pictures from Friday, I just figured I should mention this shot of us killing the Arrapago NM Psycheflayer. Man, that thing is just annoying, but with some decent healing we didn't have too much trouble with it.
We have Limbus tonight, then Assaults afterward. I am actually planning on getting Limbus started on time tonight, and may just do one full run instead of a split run just to make sure that this happens. Anyway, it should be a good run, and we will almost have another full Ultima set (which we would have if some other group didn't run up and take our zone without saying anything at all to us as we were about to go in).


Omoikitte said...

You know.. LoL in that pic of Ring, with the roaming plant and all that bronze gear.. the plant TOTALLY looks like it is thinking "O M G take it away, please.. anything but this!"

JESS said...

Those pics make me /scared. ><

Thazienne said...

W O W, what the fuck? I thought you were fruity before...nothing good can come of this! I'm going to have nightmares. Lots and lots of nightmares.

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lol where are my dollars when i need them?

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I didn't click anonymous but w/e... guess who :o