Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Losing XP.

Some days you gain XP, and some days you lose XP. Definitely lost XP last night. LOL And Monday isn't really that active of a day for me. Started with Limbus, we did a split run with the majority of people heading to Temenos, while I took a smaller group through NE Apollyon. We easily had the group to do this, but it can get a little rough especially on the first floor because the Mandies hit pretty darn hard and are monks so they hit fast and often. So, as we were finishing up the Mandies on the first floor, one of them manages to take down our tank that shall go unmentioned (*coughMirracough*) and he accidentally home points. Yes, thats twice in Limbus. I have never seen it happen before in any other zones, just in Limbus and just to tanks. LOL Anyway, that left us with MNK, DRG, WHM, RDM and BLM. We fared pretty well considering. But we were going to need some things to go our way, like getting the mobs to open the Vortex's early, alas, that wasn't going to happen. On the birds floor were Gigascream is the bane of my existance (I literally believe those fuckers actually time Gigascream for when I have shadows down, I have not once in all of our Limbus runs ever survived that fucking floor), we had to kill three of the big birds to get the Vortex to open, and when we went to grab the last time chest we had a miss timing on the Sleep and Bind that led to a wipe. >.< So we were even further pressed on time. The Dolls and Pots floor was easy and quick, but then we were screwed again when got to the Gigas and Opo-opo. No, of course the Ranged Immune didn't open the Vortex, and neither did the Magic Immune... it had to be the Melee immune one, which we just ran out of time on before we could kill it. Speaking of which, will someone explain to me what is happening in this screen shot? It misses me and I die? >.< I am guessing it missed the WS but I was killed by the additional effect AoE, but I mean what the hell? I don't register any damage, I am just dead. It didn't help that the next line of chat was Hellz killing it. >.< I had so many unfortunate problems yesterday. But some days are like that.

Assaults were fun, if a little unfulfilling. First, we had to get Hellz to complete a level 1 Assault, yes, the annoying but not altogether difficult Mamool Ja Imperial Agent Rescue. Hellz must be cursed though because we almost ran out of time on that one because we had to break down all of the doors to get to the agent. We did another filler Assault while Achi and Sholo were finishing up their Rank 10 quests then we tried the Susanoo Shuffle. It didn't go that well but we weren't that prepared, LOL. We only got it to about 80% before it started messing with everyone. We will be better prepared next time and shouldn't have any problem with it at all. It was more XP lost though and that was a bummer, and after I had recapped my MNK and NIN this weekend. >.<

Thats all there is to report as of today. There are some neat videos of the new moves for BLU, Scholar and Dancer floating around and if you guys want me to link them I will. But to finish up today on a lighter note, its probably pretty important to remember if you have gear before you try to equip it. I <3 Izman.


Hellzfury said...

btw look at the standings for the crystal war event. Bastok is first on almost every server.

JESS said...

I have the same issue when we do the Kings run at the end where the 3 Behomo's are..... every time I am weakened from a death and close to them ..... I die for some reason...... but no damage pops up on my chat screen. I have no filters on at all and I assume it is their AOE stun effect and it kills when you are in a weakened state. Also happens on the Behomo's KS-99.
..new word of the day "BEHOMO's" !!