Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well, that was easier than I thought.

I thought for sure we weren't going to do well. We had a really large group for Bhaflau Remnants last night, but we didn't get any HP cells until the third floor and we only got 2 of them before time forced us to move on. On the fourth floor, we aggroed the first gear and it disappeared, the second one we killed, but then the third and fourth warped out on us while we were killing them. I definitely think I was rushing this too much, we didn't get everyone fully buffed and couldn't spam damage as fast as we needed. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about the boss at this point but we went up and did it anyway. And it went awesome, I was afraid we would be pressed for time, but that really wasn't an issue. I was basically right about just needing more mages, LOL because we had a ton this time. And the neat thing is that it never once used Homing Missile even completely unnerfed, our mages were really good on getting us unbound quick and Rygar was great at getting out of the way. I think it only used one TP move when it was lined up, and it was only a Discharge. :) Since, I was worried about time we just did Hundred Fists >> Revitalizer >> Hundred Fists. Stacked with a Soul Voiced March and Minuet Rygar and I were pounding it quick. Probably could have saved that Soul Voice for the last 30% or so instead of at the start, but this worked too. If we have two BRD's next time we will probably swap them mid-fight so we can Soul Voice at the beginning and the end. Either way, it was awesome to beat it and we even got good drops and a great title. The best part of it all is that Rygar now has the 25 and 35 for Usukane legs and we will be doing a Silver Seas Remnants tonight to get him the very easy to get 15 piece and we will have our first Salvage piece completed! Oh, the screenshots, oh the so sexy screenshots!

Here are some nice picks of the drops that Rygar and Eternalpain got from the run! Eternalpain got the Bodb's Crown, which means that our Arrapago runs are going to involve lots and lots of Soulflayers. :( Ah well, such is the price of success! :)

Now as I mentioned we will be doing Silver Seas tonight, my plan is to go East on the first floor and fight Hammerblow Majanun then up and to the Southwest to clear the room, open the door and get Rygar his 15 legs from Powderkeg Yanadahn. After that I think we are going to basically skip the third floor except for the Rampart to move up with a little sac pull action, then depending on time we will either try to spawn Citadel Chelonian or just go straight to the boss for to try to get Achi her Bodb's Cuffs and make her only one step away from a completed piece. When we were getting no drops from Salvage it made it pretty difficult to decide to go anywhere else because we didn't have anything to build on. Now that we have 3 35 pieces and 2 25 pieces we can now direct where we are going, and as we take those path's and we get more gear we can get then plan out farther. Honestly, I didn't think we would get this much success so quickly because of how awful the drop rates were for month's. But I think that my goal will be to try to complete the 35's and 25's we have now before focusing on new ones. Now, drops rates determine everything, so it is never going to be perfect, but our goals for now will be killing LBC and LAC and farming Arrapago. Since boss drops are probably more likely than 35's, we should be killing bosses more, but hey, I want to do it all! :)

Anyway, after that Iz wanted to unwind with a little Ballista action, so we headed to the Diorama, and killed each other for fun. Lets just say that Iz is pretty damn good one-on-one, but he can get overwhelmed pretty quick. I thought for sure that I would have had him this time on SAM but I had to two-hour to kill him solo. Also, Omoi would murder me if I failed to mention that she beat Iz in a one-on-one (even if it was under questionable circumstances ^.^). The most epic battle though was Pb and Potpressure, as they are both pretty good at Ballista and pretty well build for it too. Pb was RDM/DRK and Pot was WHM/NIN, and this was a great fight but the both said it would have been more competitive if Pb was subbing NIN. Pot did emerge the winner, and flaunted it. We all had fun and I went to bed right after.
I wanted to toss something in here from our last Assault run, we actually got a decent appraisal (well, the other party did) and Skur ended up with a nice shiny new Phi Necklace. :)
Well, this is my last blog entry until next Tuesday, but I will have some juicy info for you when I get back and we should have our first complete Salvage piece then too!


Omoikitte said...


I did more than enough damage to kill Iz twice or thrice over, and using the items that they give you in Ballista is not cheating ^.^ It is not like I took them in with me. And you all conspired to get rid of my bodyboost ^.^ LOL

I won fair and square, with every single item/ability open to me, and MAN did it take them all to do it. Killing PLD is like trying to crack nuts with your teeth. You wonder which will break first.

Izman the Drg Slayer! said...


JESS said...

They call me the PLD killer....

...... PLD nut cracker trait .....

Actually I don't have any ballista experience .... but I garenteed when I hit you it will hurt and none of my DRK skillz are gimpo. Maybe me and Omoikitte should team up. I also want to test my sleep on a PLD wearing all the resist sleep gear.

Skurlover said...

Don't stack Stoneskin with Raise. Protectra IV is great but make sure and use all the Aquaveil you have available.

Anonymous said...

East on the first floor in Silver Seas has no NM, so you're going to want to go West for 35 Usukane Head. Second floor is SE room to get the 15 Usukane legs and 35 Morrigan legs.

You probably know this, but I'm just correcting you so you don't make a mistake :p

Skurlover said...

Thanks anon, he must have mistyped it last night. We got both Fomor NMs on those floors.

Potpressure said...

WooT! I love Pbd but I lived a full Chainspell so I think I can live a RDM/NIN fight. Also, I want Pb to murder me cause I can't think WHM/NIN > RDM/NIN. So when we come back to this I want us both on our A game. Got a Sea Rober Cudgel (11/15/07) so hope by that time I can shake down Silverhook for the Seawolf Cudgel.

The Tarutaru,

taritai said...

:D Nothing to do with your post but~

I am a longtime reader! Taritai, Shiva server, I saw you at Fanfestn (we were both in line for the "Tour")...I wanted to poke you and be all "Omgomgomg" but...didn't want you to call security >D!

Ailee said...

Should have poked him anyway. He really likes being jabbed in the ribs.