Monday, November 12, 2007


Meh, I had some really freaking good screenshots but I got up late and this stupid blog program hates my pictures, so I gave up on that and said fuck it and went to work. Which is where I sit right now, pictureless. It was a good weekend, though. But without pictures its a little hard to remember everything that happened... so lets see what we can do about pictures. Well, if you didn't remember to download them then you can just make them up I guess.

On Friday we did some more Assaults, in fact we finished up our last rank 9 Assaults, which included Wake the Puppet, which didn't go as well as planned. The instructions for that one failed to include the indication that you will have like 4-5 Wights on you if you just drag the Puppet back to the NPC, so with a little death for us but only one killed Automaton we cleared that one pretty well. Then we were on to Azure Ailments which was pretty easy, but required a lot of linking and that ended up getting me killed a lot. LOL Not so concerned about that really because I got an XP party the next morning to recap my XP and get a bunch of merits. Back to the Assault, we basically had to assist a Soulflayer to collect a bunch of status ailments, it was fun, and I even got a screenshot! ;) That wrapped up level 9 for us, and since we didn't want to start on a level 10 assault that night we went back and did Lebros Supplies. Lebros Supplies is now apparently nerfed by the way, as you only have to give the NPC's 7 units of food instead of 10. Even considering this it is still hard as hell, but we completed it. That means we will only have to do the rank 10 assaults, then fill in the gaps for those that missed it. Captain here I come.

Now, like I said, I got some decent XP over the weekend. I recapped my NIN and finally capped SAM, I got enough merits for Store TP level 5 and almost have enough for Counter level 5. Then I scheduled a nice Bhaflau Remnants Salvage run that went swimmingly, first thing was that the Mad Bomber was up on the side we chose. So we gathered up so gear and cells and killed it pretty quick, and into the Rampart we went. Kind of like through the looking glass, but not really at all. LOL We got three Gate Widow spawns and on the very first one we got a Macha's Cuffs drop which went to Achikasama. :) The other two didn't drop anything though. :( So next we headed up to the second floor where we fought the four Flans and got the Rampart there to spawn and again we went in to try to get some drops. All we got were Hunting Wasps, not a single Skirmish Phedro. Oh well, we will try again on another day. We tried to get the third floor Rampart to pop but couldn't kill the triple gears close enough together. I have a better plan for doing this next time, but it is annoying holding gears because the AoE everyone and knock them around and they are very hard if not impossible to sleep. Ah well, another 35 from a different set to work on. I can't really remember what else I did on Saturday, I think it was some farming and other busy work.

On Sunday we had double Kirin, and the first one we absolutely decimated. After the mini's were spawned we made a slight change and moved a BRD over to the DD party to help out and we killed it incredibly fast, but its drops sucked. >.< Only ingots and a Kirin's Pole. At least the second one put out a little better, but was a little more messy. We got two more ingots, an Osode which went to Solidsnake our sole JP member who has been in the LS for a LONG time but since his times are so different from ours doesn't get to lot as much as he should, then also a D. Body that went to Hellz. Congrats to them both. We have so many D. Bodies and Osodes its getting ridiculous, N. Bodies are even catching up, but we have seen like 1 W. Legs in the last 20 Kirin's >.< Izman is still waiting on them and the horrible thing is that he is not just cock-blocking the rest of the LS on them, but he is also cock-blocking himself, because he wants a N. Body and an Osode too. Oh the pains of being popular! LOL.

After sky, we did another Bhalflau Remnants run to try to get the win. Sadly we failed at 15% but the nice part was that we had a sub-optimal set up, MNK, MNK, MNK, WAR, DRG, WHM, RDM, BRD, BLM, COR. The BLM had to end up healing a lot so we lost damage there. Most people who don't have access to Gjallarhorn BRD's suggest 2 WHM and 2 RDM for this fight just because the amount of healing and paralyna's that are required. I was really pleased that we were able to get this far with the limited healing that we had. We did get to nerf Homing Missile which was awesome, and made me wish that it would use it more, because it was a simple AoE that didn't steal shadows. Honestly, if we had ONE MORE mage, WHM or RDM we would have won no problem. Ah well, tomorrow night we will win and if we get lucky we might have our first completed Salvage piece by the end of the week.

So, that was my weekend in a nutshell. I will be gone from Thursday to Monday, and if you are smart you might be able to deduce why. I will try to update the blog while I am away, but my laptops screen is dead, and I don't have a digital camera. Ah well. I hope you enjoyed the blog today, see you tomorrow.


JESS said... can even see Hellz's

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i r t3h l33t... seriously why do I have boobs? ; ; That aside I nearly died from laughing when I saw the first pic >.> But you forgot the part where I didnt know there was salvage on saturday. Borin's communism is spreading ; ;

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Pictures of my belly are reserved for certain special people much like my thermal socks. Please remove said picture before I send this guy after you:

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P.S. Bad lunchtime photoshop is bad.

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i dont give a fuck who you are that is the fucking best, king

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Photoshop pics ftw!