Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A late ending, an early start.

I got up this morning to actually make breakfast before work which I haven't done in years, but because I did this I forgot to upload my pics from yesterday. >.< It wasn't too exciting so nothing much was missed.

For Limbus we did a nice split run, sent two parties to do the Apollyon King's run, and my six man party did the one with the stupid freaking birds. I hate those birds, but shockingly and for the first time ever, I did not die on the birds floor! Raikoh did though, hehehe. Both groups runs were successful, and puts Hellz at one chip away from having a complete Omega set, so Thursday will probably end up completing that set and then we will start working on a new set immediately after since we already have a full Ultima set on Elfaria. Things went very well and we ending up splitting 106 coins between 16 people which was a very nice divide. It will be nice to have Omoi back though, things just run smooth when she is around, even if not having her around means that we can do split runs and other more daring things that she usually doesn't approve of, hehehe. Omoi also has the interest and success of Versus at heart, though, and even if she might be more conservative than I, she has been and continues to be incredibly successful and always pointing Versus in the right direction. Omoi is able to bring everyone together without yelling and screaming (she relies much more on her dry British sarcasm ^.~), leading by example, rather than by dictate. If we do manage to get 2-3 Omega sets in the time that Omoi is gone, maybe we will get to use one. Hehehe. I think it is kind of silly that you can easily do split runs for Apollyon and it takes less chips to do Omega, when Temenos usually takes more people and you need six chips and for the second tier you can not do split runs with the first tier, for obvious reason.

After Limbus which already started late we did some decent Assaults to build up some points and get some clears. Pb got a couple more closer to what he needed to get a full complete and rank 8, while Rygar got all the Periqia points that he needed for whatever puffy purple Pahluwan gear that he needed. I got some nice spendable points for Salvage, which we will be doing tonight. I am not positive on the run we will do, but honestly I have been frustrated by the last two Arrapago runs so we may go and do that to work on focusing and getting things done more quickly. I think we may actually need less cells on the first floor than we have been gathering, and we can definitely pull the first floor way more efficiently. Definitely going to limit the first floor in what cells we need because outside of weapons and HP there are better and more reliable places to get them further up not to mention there are mobs to get weapons and HP on the way up anyway. I think we will do our normal route on the first and second floor then on the third floor we will go West instead of East, so that we can get to the Soulflayer NM that drops Eternalpain's crown, then move on after that. I definitely want to be a lot more quick but also a lot more careful. I have definitely become more lax about making sure I have proper meds for each run, so I am going to fix that tonight. Preparation can make a huge amount of time difference for Arrapago, and I don't want to be timing out on Archaic Chariot again.

This post has really flowed like a river, from one subject to another, but the next subject is definitely a jump, and a spring, and a DANCE! Hehehe. I opened Dancer finally last night. I have to say I definitely have not spent as much time as I wish I could have in the new zones. I will definitely be spending some time there on Wednesday and this weekend, but for tonight after Salvage I will be gearing up myself as a super-sexy dancer, and wacking some bees, hopefully with Izman. I would like to maybe get up to 8 at least because that is what Izman's SAM is already at. From what I have been reading Dancer is a decent solo job and I can keep things up while I am waiting for a party, but also party invites aren't that bad either because it keeps healing down and the Haste Samba is apparently something like 40% weapon delay reduction without a loss of TP gain. This is just conjecture right now, but I know we will get more information soon enough. I also like the system that Dancer uses for Sambas, it works like this: The Dancer uses the Samba that they wish to use, giving them the buff for 2 minutes, during that 2 minutes if the Dancer lands a hit on the mob then they will give the mob a form of debuff. This debuff in turn allows all that players in party that hits the mob in the time the debuff is up to gain the effect of the debuff, e.g. drain, aspir or haste. The debuff only lasts about 10 or 20 seconds but is reapplied with every hit that the Dancer lands on the target mob. The concept is really neat and something completely new to FFXI. I can't wait to be able to use the dances. :)

Anyway, that is about it for today, sorry I am lacking pictures, but it happens sometimes. Hopefully more on Dancer tomorrow.

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