Monday, November 26, 2007

Registration woes.

Not only did it take me two extra days to actually get the PC version of the expansion, but it took me two more days to actually get it registered. So, I didn't get a whole lot of time to explore the new areas but from what I did see and the cutscenes that I have done, it looks amazing. The new zones look pretty much what I think the starter zones should have looked like when the game was first released. The are more vibrant, more filled and more difficult to get around. I know that some people have been complaining about it, but they are also some of the people that complain there is no end-game content in the first update of an expansion, and don't really have much in touch with reality on the issue. The beginning of an expansion for FFXI is about exploration and discovery, its about getting around on foot, without any assistance, and its about killing stuff just to kill it. Moments like these are rare, and idiots just can not appreciate them because they have stopped enjoying the game for the game, and are just worried about their ego's and what might happen in the next update to nerf them or produce a better set of gear that will make all of their "hard work" obsolete.

Anyway, from what I have seen, I like it a lot. It is so enjoyable and interesting, and I still need to open Dancer. Dancer by the way, after playing it previously, is definitely the job I am going with. Scholar is a completely mage based job and you know how I feel about that. I am going to open Dancer tonight after Limbus and Assault. I will probably also duo for a while with Izman on his SAM so he can finally use it as a sub for his WAR. I will start off by being either /WHM or /WAR haven't decided yet, then I will probably switch to /NIN as soon as I can dual-wield. I really like the TP system, and I think that most people are overestimating a bit the amount of time that people will be weaponskilling on Dancer. There are two problems that I can see, the first is that the steps which net finishing moves can very easily be stacked and can rack up a decent TP cost. Second, the Dancer doesn't have the SA and TA to make Dancing Edge worth any decent amount of damage. Daggers do next to no damage without SATA so I have very little doubt about Dancers taking up real DD position. The real concern that I have for them is that they are TP dependent which means hitting the mob, but I am wondering if /SAM and the TP rebuild Flourish will be able to allow a Dancer to do their job without actually hitting the mob, for situations where that is generally considered bad, like Salvage bosses. Anyway, I have a lot of gear that I feel would be good for Dancer to begin with, and it looks like the high end gear for Dancer is going to be the Pahluwan for now. I am sure that more gear will be coming, but if you look at thing for BLU, COR and PUP there is reason to be concerned. Although there is very good gear for these jobs, they come from Salvage and the problem with that is that Salvage is actually pretty difficult in general and getting gear can take some time, this is as opposed to something like Sky or Limbus where getting gear is considerably easier and faster. There is little progression in difficulty for getting the best gear for the new jobs compared to the older jobs from the older areas. Doesn't matter to me, because a dancer I will be!

Anyway, like I said, I got to experience a little bit of the new areas after a long wait because of registration difficulties, but many wondrous sights did I see (Ok, enough with the rhyming). I went through the Cavernous Maw in Battalia Downs with Izman and Elfaria, and witnessed some amazing cutscenes, close to being on par with CoP. I even ran into a rather interesting Regal Feline. I have to say the design for Cait-Sith is amazing, way better than almost any other character in the game, the body design appears completely unique and engaging, and I can't wait to see where all of this is going, sooner rather than later. We then spent some time wondering around happily killing and exploring, and I will spend more time there after tonights events.

I was quite busy this weekend but while I was waiting to be able to play the expansion I was able to get quite a lot of meriting done. Capping Counter (which was actually at 3 not 4) and picking up two levels of Invigorate. So I will just need one more level of Invigorate then the 3 levels of Penance and MNK will be done for job-specific merits. Then all I have to do is finish up SAM, which will be either level 5 Third Eye recast(which I am reconsidering) or probably level 5 Meditate recast. Then for tier two I already have my 3 Overwhelm, then I will get 1 Blade Bash because it is so much more effective than it used to be, 1 Shikikoyo just because people whine if you don't have it, then 1 in Ikishoten just because there really isn't a reason to get level 2 in Shikikoyo or Blade Bash.

On to other news that I have been wanting to get to for a while. Finally, our first piece of completed Salvage gear! Yay! Congratulation to Rygar on his Usukane Hizayoroi! They are super sex, and I can't wait to get myself a set!

After that I would like to mention this neat little hat I was able to pick up! I wonder where it comes from? A quest maybe? I don't know.
Finally, remember, love your Pixie's and they will love you right back. More to report on the expansion and the Dancer job tomorrow I hope! Have a good day! :)


Skurlover said...

So your "game" finally took your shaft for you? Lol...

Jon said...

DNC is really amazing, you're making the right choice =P Plus it's badass looking on elvaan, don't let anyone tell you otherwise >.>

I'm BRD for a BRD COR DNC trio, occasionally we decide to let some DDs in, we have been trioing mostly since I joined, the DNC just dinged 40 so yeah it's been pretty fast. XD