Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is going to be short. There is nothing to report. SE fixed a bunch of things that were messed up with the last update and expansion. Ho hum. I leveled Dancer to 8. Yes, I was only on long enough to get two levels on Dancer, but at least I got to level with Pb because I got home so late. Pb has decided to switch to Dancer though so that was a little bit of a waste for him. Iz, if you are reading this we are going to probably level again after Limbus tonight and I am level 8 now, so you need to get on so that we can level together. :) I didn't even switch out of my level 1 gear yet, I am sure that Dancer gets Lizard or whatever so I will pick that up today. Just Sky and Limbus today, looking like doing another split run. We are going to finish Hellz's Omega set and start on a new Ultima set or finish Elf's Ultima set. That will give us at least two boss runs for when Omoi gets back, if we don't do an Omega on Tuesday.

I guess I can talk about that for a little while. Omoi runs Versus really well, but when she is away and Hellz, Izman and I have to run the LS, we do things a little differently and I know that it would drive Omoi crazy. LOL Omoi has a good set of rules for how we do things. She generally doesn't announce what day to day things we will do for Sky or Limbus, and this is because if people know what we do they will start cherry-picking events, and it also keeps some spontaneity in events. I on the other hand don't mind telling people what we are going to do, but again I don't often have the full burden on my shoulders for considering the entire LS. Even when Omoi is gone I share leadership with Hellz and Izman and in Sky with Akanea. I much prefer my position as lieutenant over being leader, I have more freedom in general but I still get to make input when needed.

I am probably going to leave this open for a while so that I can come up with more things to add but I am not promising anything. :)

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