Thursday, November 08, 2007

What about yesterday?

Forget about yesterday. 1 merit, one decent party, one crappy party. I knew that I was going to forget about uploading the picture of this... the story is almost unbelievable. I mean 2004-party unbelievable. I invite this WAR named Deo to our party. Now, his gear was pretty meh overall, the kind of WAR that wears starter city relic as town gear to show how cool he is, but all I need him to do is swing some axes. He has a Woodville's and a Juggernaut so I figure can't be that bad. Well, it can. We go to Mamook because everything is overcrowded as is, and as I have mentioned I really like xping in Mamook. Well, to demonstrate the lack of capability of this person, they used Sushi. No problem I think to myself, there are Lurkers here and with dual Axes, sushi isn't that bad. Well, it was because even with dual Axes, our friend Deo was not able to get a weaponskill off until the second Lurker that we fought. So, I think he had quickly figured out that dual Axes may not be the way to go so he switched over to Great Axe. Not bad I think, increase his accuracy, it's an A+ weapon... it's an Amood. Yes, the mediocre Great Axe that occasionally attacks twice in First Quarter Moon. It wasn't first quarter moon... anyway that didn't matter because the Amood was soon replaced by daggers. Yes, daggers. At this point I had quite enough, so I told Deo to use Axes, Great or otherwise or I was going to kick him and we would all regroup and just start over because we were already out in Mamook. Now, dear reader, am I an elitist? Maybe, maybe not, but there are certain things that very few people can stand for and this is one of them. Izman was in the party with use and he indicated his displeasure by stating that we were not in a skill-up party but actually trying to generate some XP. To which our noble WAR declared, "Did you see that! I just used Evisceration! I am not skilling up!" And at that very moment I felt an urge welling up deep within my soul to bash my head repeatedly against my desk until nothing was left but a bloody unrecognizable stump. Being the polite person that I am, I quietly indicated that a shift should be made in Deo's offensive tactics, or he might find himself alone, without transportation, in the middle of deepest Mamook.

Deo, a real American hero, doing WAR his own way since, November 7th, 2007.

Anyway, I did build back up some of my XP buffer on SAM, its at 30k right now, and I got another merit. Three more for the last level of Store TP, then back to Counter merits for my Monk.

Now, here is something important that I need to know, and something I have been mulling over for a while. This may sound dumb, but hey, just think about it for a second. I am thinking about not doing Meditate recast timer down, and doing Third Eye recast timer down instead. Here is the reasoning, I am awful about using Meditate whenever it is up. I know I should use it whenever it is up and when I use it, I am pretty effective at using it as it builds but since I mostly use Soboro in XP, there are times when a good portion of the TP gained from Meditate is wasted. The Third Eye recast down would have two effects, the first is that many times I am usually without my Third Eye for the last ten seconds or so of the recast. I see :07 seconds left quite a bit, my thought was that seeing :02 seconds would be much more effective for, oh, I don't know, not getting punched in the face. It would also let me overlap Third Eye. I still have other merits to get but I have been thinking about it. Sometimes, I feel very derivative because I glean good ideas from other people, but some have mentioned that SAM tanking for the Chariots in Salvage is effective. Lots of damage, very little TP gain by the boss. I might think about that some day, and for that the Third Eye timer might be effective, but for now we are going to stick with MNK tanking.

I am quite proud of myself for finally limiting down the jobs that I am going to use on a day-to-day basis. Before I did this I found my mind wandering between different needs and wants, and in what order I should be doing my merits. Looking back I have probably wasted a lot of merits, but hey, most of them were earned with friends and I have had quite a good time getting them.

Sky and Limbus tonight, maybe squeeze in a Salvage depending on the time we have left. I think we are doing Kirin and Omega, should be a good day.

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