Monday, October 29, 2007

What? (Incredulity, not Inquiry)

Pick up XP parties are a crap shoot. Its the nature of the game. Sometimes you get a rare party with decent people that are paying attention and good players, and sometimes those people are funny and nice to talk to and then sometimes when you get that group together, you get a "tank" that wont go to the Mamool Ja staging point to xp. Now of course there are better camps, like Nyzul Island, but they did not want to go there, they want to go to Caedarva Mire... because the xp was better. I was confounded, but in a rare instance of forthright indignation Omoi laid out the case for going to Mamool Ja staging point, for their lack of understanding of how to xp and for their general lack of sense. The guy just stopped responding after a while, and when it was decided that we would head there, he decided to find a replacement, so we just kicked him and found another more sane and rational replacement. The party was great, made decent XP and I didn't die even when we had a lot of mobs up or taking a Fang Rush to the face. LOL I love eating Carbonara for XP parties for this reason, I took an 1100+ and 1200+ Fang Rush and still had over 1/3 of my HP left. MNK is the best. :)

Anyway, I was away again this weekend, and since I reported on the new pics of the mobs on Thursday, I don't have a lot to go over that is new. There is that speculation about Rikishi/Wrestler as a new tank job, but I think that is a bit of spiral from one comment made by Elmer about one comment made by the people in Famitsu magazine. It went something like this, Elmer comments that the things the reporters say in Famitsu is usually true because they get stuff from SE directly. The Famitsu people say that "rumors" have been going around about a new job, Rikishi/Wrestler/Whatever, and Elmer comments that Viking could be similar to the description in from the histories he has been translating and comments that Viking was a job from a previous game that had the "Provoke" ability, so it might be a tank. All of this doesn't mean anything in particular, or it could mean everything. Honestly, there were no pictures to indicate why they made the comment in Famitsu, but then why make it at all? And it was made in the context of the game, not just a statement of a commentator or reviewer. Meaning that they were saying that "adventurers" were hearing rumors of the job that may have existed back in time.

I am going to lunch, thats probably it for today, but I may post more.

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