Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What about Dragoon?

So, I went to an event as my Dragoon the other day. I am kind of shocked at the power of Dragoon now. It's not like I didn't notice the improvement to the two-handers when it happened, believe me my SAM definitely had a massive improvement to damage, but there is a notable difference in the quality of the WS now. Skewer I thought would have been better than it is now, but my only experiments have been on Hakutaku with no food. Even without Accuracy gear, as there is so little good Accuracy gear available for DRG, I am having no real Accuracy problems, so that is not really an issue. Skewer is now a three hit WS with a Critical Hit modifier, which you would expect to be a very good weaponskill, but honestly it is not as strong as I thought it would be. Pentathrust on the other hand is very good now, because hitting all 5 hits is not anywhere as hard as it used to be. Now, this was just a test on a mob with very high defense, and not on XP mobs. So maybe Skewer is better, but just for now I would use Pentathrust for the most part. Now that two-handers have been improved, it actually leaves DRG with a much larger array of good WS's than many other jobs. Pentathrust has more hits for more damage, Skewer has the Critical Hit modifier, and Wheeling Thrust is a good WS for high defense mobs and can make light.

So, lolDRG is gone now, and essentially most DD's are about equal with skill and equipment being a much larger factor in dividing people than job was before.

So, I have been gone on weekends and I have been trying to get to sleep earlier and I have discovered that this really cuts into my game time. This new expansion really needs to hurry up. There is so little real information out about it, and I think this is good, but the problem is that we usually have information about the next update to fill the time between updates and we have gotten next to nothing so it feels like the information is really dragging behind. Only about 20 days to the expansion and we have only gotten 1 new job, 1 new unexpected zone, no information about new equipment. There are tons of hints about things, ideas, mentions, but nothing concrete. Its driving me batty.

We are going to do two Byakko's today, and if the last run was any indication I will be asked to log off while we fight them. ; ; Anyway, one of the last things that I need from Sky drops from Byakko, Neptunal Hands. They used to be really cheap when the RMT were farming Angel Skins all the time but now they are getting rather expensive. I should have the gil to pick them up, but I just used most of our reserves to pick up a Peacock Charm, which I really like. It makes it so that at almost any camp I can just eat meat on my MNK, massively increasing my DoT. I would like to see some more Haidate drop today, as we are really due for some more to drop. That string where we went like 0/10 was just annoying. Everyone should have Haidate by now, and we still have old time members that still need it. Ah well, its Sky then Salvage tonight. I know that I still want to focus on Arrapago, but the horrible drop rate is just so annoying. I think we might try a Bhaflau tonight, pop some of the Ramparts and see if we can't get a 35 piece from there for a different route.

Well, I will have screenshots of that tomorrow. Until that time, have a good day.

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