Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stealing is fun, kids!

I am out of town on Friday, but I saw these juicy bits and had to post them for you tonight. These were stolen from Alla obviously.
Campaign battle in Ronfaure:
Slug mob:
Wolfman mob:
Ladybug mob:

Also, this information is stolen from an Elmer translation on BG.
-Rumors of a new tank-job 力士 Rikishi (Wrestler, Strongman) are circulating amongst adventurers.
Elmers comment on the note:

(They are not my opinions or guesses, but in some cases not 100% facts. The Lightning Brigade likes to have little conversations and speculate like players. However, the stuff they hint at is usually true because they work with info given by Square Enix)

Also from Elmer:
About the Wrestler thing, I'd guess it could refer to the Vikings from the North that battled against Gigas before they transferred to the mainland for the Shadow Lord's army. Viking was in Final Fantasy III, but its main ability, Provoke, was already given to Warrior. Still, it's a tank job through-and-through and has some basis story-wise, since they were a legendary tribe to the North whose strength rivaled the mighty Gigas. They're only briefly mentioned in the Life In Vana'diel book, but recently Square Enix has been taking more and more from it.

Thats the quite update, hopefully more Monday.

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Omoikitte said...

Check the WoTG site, that is where these images came from ^.^ I was poking around on it earlier today.

The slug mob looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO neat though!