Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good drops, bad drops.

Two of the messiest Byakko's we have done yesterday. I mean we were running through tanks like they were water. It was a little frustrating. Actually more than a little frustrating, but at least they put out. Two sets of Haidate, two Divine logs, Shura legs, E. legs, and more. The Haidate went to Jess and Solidsnake, both people have literally been trying to get them for years. So to both of them a huge congratulations, and now we only have two more to get then we can move onto the next tier of people that need them. I can't wait for them to get it either. Yesterday was just a messy day in Sky, people dying to aggro on the way to Byakko. Byakko Claw Cycloning melee behind the tank during SATA, tanks going down fast from triples and Claw Cyclones. It was a mess, but for some reason, a mess made for good drops and I am not complaining. Now we need another two Despots so we can do some more Byakko's and not go on one of those horrible streaks of like 10 in a row with no Haidate.

After Sky we did another Arrapago run with some new people. As normal it was MNK, MNK, DRG, THF, then our mages were RDM, WHM, BRD. We got insane cell drops, before we were off of the first floor everyone, including the mages, had weapons and magic. Everyone had abilities by the time we were off the fourth floor. HP cells were a little weak but we still got enough for all of our melee by the time we fought the Archaic Chariot. We added in the Big Bhoot to our list of NM's that we killed. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. I don't know if it was hard to silence or if it just got off a lucky Blizzaga, but that was basically the only really bad thing it was able to do. Perdition and the other Blizzaga that it tried were stunned with stun WS, and outside of that it was just a slightly stronger Bhoot with more HP. Of course there were no drops, its almost like there aren't really any drops in this zone at all. Anyway, we are going to start integrating Bhaflau Remnants into our Salvage schedule. It's a pretty easy zone and relatively easy to get some of the 35's and kill the boss. I think we will be able to spawn at least the second floor rampart and farm it for NM's and then clear the 4 floor gears to try to disable the boss then do the boss. It may be a bit ambitious for our first run at it but I think we can handle it. Besides practice makes perfect. We will use the same strategy we use for the Archaic Chariot, two MNK/NIN, DRG and THF for Angon and Feint, then mostly mages after that. I don't think we will necessarily take down the LBC this time but I think we will learn how to handle it well, and maybe next time get the win.

As I mentioned, I got my Peacock Charm the other day, and now I am moving even closer to getting my MNK to the absolute best it can be. The only major problem now is getting the Black Belt items that I need. I anticipate this taking a while still be at least I am actively moving towards it. Once I have my Black Belt my MNK will be pretty much finished outside of merits. After that is all capped out, I am going to shift back to my SAM and finish up the merits on that. Speaking of which, I think I am going to finally make a decision on what jobs to support consistently and which are going to be back burner jobs. To make things easier, I am going to go with NIN, SAM and MNK as my constantly available and ready to go jobs. I am going to store most of my WAR, DRG and RNG gears and just use them for the specific times that I need them. I hate doing this because I feel like I am cheating on my other jobs by deciding this but honestly its hard to merit for 3 jobs let alone 6. And yes, I will still be leveling WHM and then RDM but I have been very busy lately, so I will do it when I have time.

As an interesting note I got to try out one of the Level 10 Assaults because a friend asked me to come and help out. We failed but we could have easily won if we had one stun for Fulmination, but we didn't so we lost. Its really fun, and I can't wait to try it again.

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